Poorer Yanukovych: entertaining girl with a minimum of effort

manygoodtips.com_28.02.2014_1pqVm9TJSZn1aWe are not all rich. And there, among us there are real rogue. For them I have great news: in order to make a girl impress and interest her, not always needed money. Friends much prefer to do something with you — if this is certainly interesting. Here’s a few ideas virtually for any season.

1. To go to the flea market

2. To go on a picnic. All you need is a blanket, fruit, cookies, cheese and water.

3. Prepare lunch and call her.

4. Or cook dinner together: joint crush at the plate — the most interesting.

5. Go for mushrooms or berries.

6. To massage her.

7. Go to the beach.

8. To go on a jog together.

9. To attend a morning session in the movie.

10. To build a snowman.

11. Fry pancakes (in the memory of the last carnival).

12. To go to the show.

13. To arrange a bike ride.

14. To attend a meeting with the writer.

15. To go fishing.

16. To go to the zoo.

17. Go look at the Windows.

18. To paint eggs on Easter (even if you don’t believe in anything — it’s an interesting process to paint an egg).

19. To put paper boats on the streams after a rain or when the snow melts.

20. Invite your friends to play Board games.

21. Winter to go ride a roller coaster.

22. Walk on evening city with a thermos, which will be hot and delicious tea, coffee or cocoa.

23. To watch a movie.

24. Google what you have in the city you can do free.

25. Lunch for a certificate.

26. To go camping, especially when comes the Golden autumn.

27. To play on the Playground.

28. To go to the planetarium.

29. Look in the antique shop.

30. To visit a master class.

31. To sit in person, including young children, there is something to do.

32. Go volunteer somewhere.

33. Picnic… at home.

34. Look at the sky of the constellation.

35. Go to the pool.

36. Ice skating.

37. To play Frisbee.

38. Ride on rollers.

39. To sit by the water and leave the stones at her.

40. Go camping with a tent.

41. To leave the ball in the ring.

42. To go to the Botanical gardens.

43. To go to IKEA (there besides free coffee poured).

44. Visit the local attractions.

45. To put together puzzles.

46. Carve scary faces out of pumpkins (as they approach Halloween).

47. To assemble the model airplane.

48. Play with the machine on the remote control (with such guys often hang out in the parks for a lot of money can steer).

49. To go to a business lunch or for Breakfast.

50. Picking flowers in the grove nearby.

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