Poor dude… and happy about it

Are you one of those guys that choose evening on the roads of World of Tanks instead of having to go on a date? You don’t want to start a new relationship because you know you’re above them have a lot of work? You hate it when your friends come to your house to Wake you and go with you somewhere? Most likely, you’re just a poor dude who is quite satisfied with this state of Affairs.

Despite the fact that you tell friends, colleagues and parents you are really unhappy with you is not all right. Unfortunately, all our life is not joyous, periods of depression, periods of shit come our way so often that it doesn’t say that life is one big colorful walk in the Park with ponies and rabbits. How to understand exactly what you’re frankly not happy with their situation? There is only one way: remember the morning. The morning is generally a great indicator that your soul is happening now. If you Wake up relatively cheerful, effortlessly doing exercises, cheerfully munching Breakfast and go to work without a strong retching, you can be considered a miserable person. Of course, immediately after you Wake up you’re dead, obviously, but after two or three hours it is possible to determine with accuracy, how satisfied are you with life. If you don’t have a vivid rejection of everything that is happening around, everything goes according to plan. But if not?

There’s a large enough group of people who are genuinely unhappy. The only problem is that they don’t want to do anything. Their past attempts to find love or business is not successful, so they sat on his ass and not accept attempts to do something. Also, they can be banal laziness. Some people believe that if a person sits in one spot in deep shit, he’s quite happy with that. Actually no. This excuse! Dude really is genuinely dissatisfied with his life, but it’s nothing he wants to do. Moreover, their reluctance to do something he strongly covers a variety of ways, attempting, for example, to convince everyone that he was so easy to live and to have a relationship he doesn’t want because the women are bitches. The reasons for this behavior can be many: low motivation, laziness, weak will power, but often a man does not know what to do. No school was held on how to take your balls in hand and improve their lives. No one were to start something to change, instead of the sixth grade why studied doubtful «the Life of Avvakum». Of course, it is very important for life.

How to understand that you’re a miserable dude who doesn’t want to change anything? How to realize that you are the worst type of miserable person?

1. You’re touchy

Someone answered you on the call? Girl vague about you put it? You’re pissed off at something funny that everyone else believes is innocent? It all comes from instability in your soul. You realize that everything is going wrong, but how to get out of it, you don’t know. So you tend to take offense at any little thing, then to crawl back to his den and dissatisfied to examine out the world.

2. You suffer their colleagues and willing to support conversations «about a bad mood»

Because you’re in this position, always. For you, it’s almost the only reason to keep the conversation going. You just know that you put up with these people. Every single person, even one that you did nothing makes you feel similar to a nervous breakdown. You can’t ignore, politely communicate, namely suffering. When you pour the stream of indignation, which is hidden in your soul. The reason for this behavior is that these people stand in contrast with your internal state, you see that they are different from you the emotions that they, unlike you, fine. And it annoys you.

3. The murder of a man who tells you «Smile!», not a criminal offence

Oh, I sincerely hate people who tell me what to do. But poor and happy with this man treats them even worse because they come and ruin his already shaky balance, undermining his belief that «everything is fine».

4. To eat or to meet friends? You choose first

Food is the best surrogate relations and other nice things for that person. That’s why in many films the women «seize» their problems with ice cream? The food distracts from the problems and adds a little life of joy. It’s a kind of drug: ate a packet of chocolate Digestives and quietly made it through the night. I knew a guy who constantly ate cheese «Dor blue», when I broke up with a girl. Every day on a small piece of 100-200 grams.

5. The guy who won something in my life, it seems unreal bouncer

Even if he does not talk about anyone at all. You seriously think that not to win any awards in life and none is a reason for pride. Well, the reason to tell that to other people. In all seriousness you’re trying to translate a lack of personal achievements, interests and affections in something you can be proud of. Then there are the «reasons» for this: not like everyone else; a nonconformist; a nihilist or thought that one good. And again, laziness…

6. You complain

How much is to say that man should not complain? In fact, our hero knows it, he has a very original way at the same time to complain, but not to complain. His «complaint» begins with the words: «of Course I don’t mean to complain, but…» don’t Ever do that! We all know what you’re complaining about.

7. The great interest of depressing, depressing movies, books, and other things

These guys constantly post to their page in the social network of the depressive pictures from the series «Everything is garbage» and statuses in the spirit «were only feelings thin, barely definable, whether the music and the colors you want, or to stab somebody.» In this simple way miserable man support center your eternal depression. It had been so long in this condition, that it became his comfort zone, a little interest, love he sees as a threat to their traditional way of life, so he always needs to maintain its status.

How to get out of this state?

The first step: acknowledge the problem. This is the beginning of any great action. The second step is to get out of the «comfort zone» and begin to do something. Third step: if you failed with this idea, not piss and start again to do it right.

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