Poodles mixed with the pumped-ferrets


After this story we know that if ferrets are swinging, they are poodles. And now we will consider each poodle is not a ferret?

Resident of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, decided to buy myself a pair of dwarf poodles. These dogs are cute, communicative, and most importantly — they are small.

The man went to the market La Salada, and bought two lovely white beasts. It’s time to make vaccinations and the owner of «poodles» brought their Pets to the vet, who «pleased» him with news that is no not the poodles, and the usual ferrets, which are born, fed steroids and combed against the grain. In short, full of fail the guy.

It is known that the owner of the ferrets will not file a complaint against those who deceived him. But it is unknown whether he will retain hareskov?

Although the ferret, poodle… penguin — what’s the difference? Ferrets, in our opinion, better: they run, dance, steal tangerines and nuts and crash into objects. But to each his own!

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