Pontiac Darth Vader

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Probably this car is immediately noticed and recognized the main nerds for Star wars. If you suddenly realized that you are the famous Pontiac Firebird, then, of course, you’re right. Of course, you know that this mega-ride rode himself, Darth Vader. Forty years ago it was a regular Firebird, not significantly different from the others on the road. Now it has definitely moved to the dark side, which makes this car even more attractive.

The car was made specifically to steal the SEMA show a few years ago. As you remember, the car the dart was deep black, as if it were a black hole, absorbs all the energy around him.

You’re probably passionate about 1970 Pontiac Firebird as we are. Well, of course, look at these the original disks or a wonderful leather interior! You can understand why Darth Vader chose this car. He’s black enough to be on the dark side, and chic enough to belong to the Supreme Commander of the Imperial army.

Russia has a similar car for sale; engine power format volume 6,6 litres: 366 horsepower, and the price of these horses, 472 1 833 thousand. It’s a little for a legendary car that you can drive on the streets.

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