Police dog ate the hamster

Hamster forced to pay on the bus

Police causes discomfort not only among the residents of Russia, it generally causes discomfort. And it turns out that the police, or rather, four-legged friends of man on it… eat the hamsters! Beware!

Police carried out a RAID to seize drugs from a 46-year-old Arab named Moosa Khan (Musa Khah). The drugs were found, but the dog you spotted on drugs, found hamster. She flipped the cell, which from such unkind treatment opened up and released a small, but old hamster, and he immediately tried to escape from a big scary dog. But the dog was faster (and maybe she’s just always high) and instantly grabbed into the mouth and swallowed a small animal. A very unpleasant death!

Now imagine, man: you sit at home in your house break, looking for something, and the dog these people eat your pet hamster! So the fact that you have drugs is not present!

Now Musa is going to sue the investigators. And the hamster is still not back. By the way, that this dog, by the look of passion as she regrets what happened (or just stoned).

Anna the police dog

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