Police are hunting a man for a selfie during the running of the bulls


The man, who will threat a selfie with a bull, pursued by the police in Pamplona.

This behavior is contrary to the rules of security, specially designed on the occasion of the traditional run from the bulls.

The first picture of her husband, makes a selfie during the race, appeared on Twitter on July 11, the recording was attached to the hashtag #Eltontolmóvil (idiot with a camera)

As the man slowed down, as did the photo, this increased the likelihood of injury from the bull to the other participants. Amateur selfie faces a fine in the amount up to 3 thousand euros.

Festival «Running of the bulls» takes place every year from July 7th-14th. The length of the route is about a kilometer and take part in the race can be anyone. This year the festival of the bulls were injured 42 people.

The man who was gored on the third day in right thigh, just entered the co-author of the book entitled: «Fiesta, how to survive the bulls in Pamplona.»

Another contribution to the book brought John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest Hemingway.

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