Poland will be built the narrowest house in the world

When dudes have nothing better to do, they begin to do the highest in the world cakes, the most delicate phones and the narrowest house.

Here Polish architect Jakub Szczesny has painted the building project, which should be the narrowest in the world, but all in order to fit in the space between the two buildings, the distance between which is only 60 inches (153 cm).


When Jakub saw the gap, he felt a burning desire to fill it, so as not to waste precious space. Wishing to become the owner of this house wished to become a writer Etgar Keret.

The house will have a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and small loft, so small that nobody knows what there will be to put. To move between floors to the landlord and his guests will have to use quite uncomfortable, attached to the wall of the stairs, as the width of the house can’t use normal stairs.

It is unlikely that the house can be connected to the sewer and other utilities. The apartment is generally unsuitable for permanent residence and will be used by the owner-a creative person is likely highly intelligent for drunken orgies, at least we hope so. The final cost of the flats is not yet known, but obviously it will be high.

The narrow house is already built, is in London, he also stands between the two buildings. Its total is about 90 meters and a width of only 168 cm, height of the building — 5 floors. At the end of 2009 the house was put up for sale for 550 thousand pounds.

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