Podzhopnik that await you after high school

what will happen after high school

Five years you were chomping at the bit to get the honey in your life a piece of paper, and now it’s done. I don’t like to bring bad news, but almost everyone who reads this text, or have survived or will survive this moment of life.

Life is not fair, but at least you’re not alone on this journey. Similar complexity has many. While you’re learning, you think you’re doing something important, which determines your future life for the rest of your days.

When you graduate, turn me into a slave and work work according to the scheme of five days of eight hours a week, all the experiences takes on new meaning. At work no one really care what you do, nobody respects your work, and in General, work is evil evil.

Such discoveries are waiting for you ahead, but that’s not all. No one promised it would be easy.

1. The world does not belong to you

Unfulfilled expectations and lost illusions, unfulfilled hopes — all this will be in your life after uni. Surprise, dude: you can not change the world. Hate to break other people’s dreams, but you are still waiting for a big pile of crap. Yes, tomorrow is a new day and everything else optimistic crap some people feed other people — but the reality is cruel, and left us on the world imprint is almost equal to our total absence in this God-forsaken world. If someone of us gets lucky, he can make a fortune or to do something outstanding that will glorify him for future generations, but these dudes to the extreme a little.

Even if you don’t want to agree with what I say, remember: that’s what I really think. Well, live and think you are big business, if you like. If at least someone else thinks so, then it could be true, right?

2. Education costs too much and too little appreciated

I would not like to whine that universities raise prices on education and the poor students have no idea how to pay for it. Blah blah, education is not a commodity. In fact, where you studied and what grades I received, is not for anybody absolutely no value. You have a lot of work to get at least somewhere and if a résumé that you graduated from MGU, it does not opens before you all doors. You are no different from the rest of the crowd of graduates. Nobody hires workers, basing his choice on his evaluations or University: academic education for employers is not worth it in the first place.

It is a pity that this valuable lesson was not taught to us in universities, without him we look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

3. Parents are your allies, not friends

Parents, after your graduation will be the most nice to you people. They listen to your dreams, maintain your confidence even in the most difficult moments of your life. You can trust them, they will always help, but do not confuse them with your dudes. I say this because a lot of my friends are guys, and something to hide, I myself, chose to communicate with parents on an equal footing, but quickly swept it under the rug, because some things do not discuss with parents. They have suffered all my life all your antics, they wait patiently for when you get a job, but they are not your friends — do not confuse.

4. It is necessary to insist on their decisions and ask if they’re true

Regret will eat you alive, and if you recently finished University and have not yet found a job (or found it), then you probably had to make a decision which is regretted. Don’t let the brain realize this useless pattern. Insist on their solutions. If you don’t behave like a man, click on reset. No matter where you live or what you do — you could be at work or hanging out at the bar. It is important to act in accordance with their decisions and not to leave it midway, even if the solution is not the most pleasant consequences.

While you are learning, it is normal to constantly ask yourself, should have done something differently. But in real life, these repeated questions means death.

5. You have to be aware of events

Make this the emphasis. Everything that happens is a great way to start a conversation and way to show employers and bosses that you’re not as dumb as you look, and that you know something that can help the company. Most important, knowledge of current events just like any daily business: washing dishes, washing clothes and the like like it or not, but it is an integral part of adult life. You need to take care of personal hygiene, cleanliness at home, to learn about the policy — and all equally.

Trust me, none of this is easy, especially if you do it every day and combined with work, but there is nothing supernatural. You can go to University not knowing anything, but buglife all the way.

6. Nobody will notice your efforts

You probably already knew: your life after uni far less carbon monoxide than your student life. In those days your parents and relatives continually praised you for what you did something is not worth the labor given to you for extra money, because you’re trying to study». Now these same people are not really concerned with what you do at work. Think I’m lying? Next time you meet with your old, try to discuss it. Tell me how you did at work, something cool, and see how they react. I can guarantee that they won’t be as happy as during his student days. The boss also won’t give you the praise — most likely, he will undervalue you or look at you as a working machine.

7. Talk: the less the better

Less than trembles an adult, the fewer the problems. At the University quite differently: the talkers get all the attention and respect of all around when discussing something «important» about what others do not want to talk. In the big world spewing from the mouth of a revolutionary noise — is just idiocy. Shut your mouth is the best principle you can apply in the workplace.

8. As little information about yourself

For the same reason. You don’t want to be all «that dude who…»

At the University you want to be distinctive and attract attention. Why is it any different now? Around you there are more difficult circumstances. People will no longer have to imagine the details of his life. You make friends and get a reputation for modesty and reliability, not because of bragging rights.

9. Want to travel always, when possible

To save the remnants of the mind, sometimes it is necessary to be away from where you usually live. A constant work environment is exhausting, and the only way not to fall into despair is a change of scenery for a while. I know you don’t get paid millions, you’re renting, but it is impossible to refuse great prospects! On vacation you can do what you want. On the weekends you can go wherever you want.

10. Justice you will not find here

As mentioned smart guys, «love does not exist in nature — this time the happiness in the world is not two, justice you will not find here is three.» We have done a full circle and returned to justice, you see! Many people believe in this ideal in equality, that is a word worth fighting for. The closed world of Musica creates many illusions, but most important learn later, after graduation. Kindness is not always appreciated, for it is not always grateful, your work no one will even notice, and the best way not to go crazy — just don’t wait.

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