Pliers and hammer, 11.07.2013, El7LqPqWT4e9MrOBUoOwmoHvpqeqKMsE

Always a pleasure to deal with a good multi-tool. Indeed, this multitool has won many awards and recognition for so many online publications, the boys have raised money on Kickstarter for a few days. Yes, with the implementation won’t be a problem: the guys have it covered.

In fact, this is a complete multitool pliers and a hammer are linked together. I think uncomfortable? But, no! Pressing the special button parts tongs and hammer on two independent tool. But other than that awesome, in my opinion, the functions of the device has a five. Just a multitool includes seven tools: hammer, nail puller, crowbar, ruler, instrument for measuring angle tool for the destruction of the pillars and walls of the building and a socket wrench.

The multitool looks strong and beautiful. Stainless steel, all the cases — in General, not undermine. You can buy at a price of 65 dollars for things.

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