Playlist for fast day

Many people ask the question: «Why in the world need a cruel and unjustified act musical swotting, when there is a recording of Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Tom waits? There is electronic music music, and listen to it progressive and good citizens?» We will not torment with the response of our dudes. Yes, this is all extremely slashable, and don’t mind it.

Frankly, any music needed, and «Express» even more so. There are days and nights when not one normal person on this planet without it can not do. Besides, it is full of steep and little-known genres that are known mostly in the narrow the digital environment. Remember, as an example our favorite version crossbreed and darkstep by me. Worthwhile things can be found in E. neurofunk’music Lovers, as a rule, easy to navigate in all of this, they can easily find something good in any music style. And for the sleepless and crazy nights there is nothing better than a serving of brutal electronic music. It will cheer you up better than ten red-bullow and four of coke. Enjoy, dude!

«Darkest Hours», Metrix & Spor

Let’s start with the best there is in this collection. If you have this song «too rzoska!», continue to listen to is not worth. Goes terrible things. And «Darkest Hours» we love this cozy commercial electronic music that you can listen anywhere.

«Crystal Math», Sinister Souls

Duo (Adrian de Koning and Fred Hardeman) from Utrecht , the Netherlands. Stands somewhere in 2009, then began the rise of the dark electronic scene. Dudes lucky with time, and here they perform at numerous festivals throughout Europe. Awakening, a little meditative music with excellent bass – a great start to any working day.

«Eager To Fight», Current Value

Elite drum’n’bass music from Berlin. However, we find it interesting how the guy who developed the style darkstep its creepy, in a good way, songs. If you want to know who is the king of the underground, it certainly will be Current Value. The music is full of poison.

«Free MDMA», Counterstrike ft. The Panacea & Robyn Chaos

There is another guy from Germany whose name is Mathis Mutz. It is actually two projects. In addition, The Panacea, there are still m2, where he creates various dark ambient stuff. Is well able to mix styles performs his tracks live. In the last I convinced personally, as was lucky enough to visit on one of the rave with his participation. Also heard of a guy who travels the world with his ad under the name Counter-attack. Great dudes, in our opinion.

«No Sleep», Proton Kid

Include it when sleepy and sleep is still impossible. In General, Romanians are well versed in the business, so Proton Kid knows how to make the modern man to perceive the primitive rhythms of the prehistoric era.

«Frozen Heart», Rusty K

Add to the collection the dark spoon of tar (though it and so there’s a lot). Dense and pleasant sound, which would be nice came to Halloween Orgy or Dionysian.

«Affliction», Synthamesk

Very unusual and a nice track. But now jazz and Blues components often woven into electronic music. However Synthamesk makes it much more interesting than others. Get these beautiful broken phrases of the piano and the crazy bit, which is not just rhythm and cool melody. Yes, if you are listening to music every day, you will begin to quote and such.

«Atlas», Telekinesis

Gorgeous gorgeous track from the guys from Slovenia, known as the Markoman and Smooth. ‘ve noticed a trend that the East Europe, especially hell out electronics. And in Russia there is something to see.

«explorer_desu», Loli Nurse

If you’re still standing, then it’s time to listen Loli Nurse. They have a great EP out. Did not regret that listened to all of it 12 times in a row.

«Hypercube», The Prototypes

Traditional in sound, at least for us, drum’n’bass project. If you want to hear something without the author’s kinks and something really high quality, «prototypes» you might enjoy. In their music you can be sure at 100. Stiff British that they take.

«First Blood», SA†AN

The conscience of St. Petersburg the extreme electronic scene. Dude is good in heavy styles such as breakcore and speedcore, and not deprived of attention: time to travel with his sound, a good half of Europe. Instead of telling scary stories with his rebellious children, just turn on the track of that rascal.

«The Day Is My Enemy (Caspa Remix)», Prodigy

Maybe the original is better, as many say, but Caspa did a good job, and his version is no less steep. A Remix album, which was released not so long ago, it contains a lot of decent tracks. Recommend and strengthen his idea by the following track.

«Radio Rebel (René LaVice»s Start A Fucking Riot Remix)», The Prodigy

And this Remix, perhaps, end the violence on your pitch, dude.

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