Playlist for driving in the night city

What kind of music should be in your player when you’re riding the city at night at all permissible speeds? Street lights illuminate the empty roads, the city you think is beautiful, despite the fact that you live in some Podunk town, and from your screams the dynamics of Russian pop-star, singing a plus. Disorder! If you respect your ears and common sense, you will like this playlist.

So, night falls…

1. «First We Take Manhattan», Leonard Cohen

Canadian musician and poet Leonard Cohen is becoming more popular in our country, mainly through the use of his song «Nevermind» as the soundtrack to the second season of «true detective».

«First We Take Manhattan» – typical Cohen song, though, if you listen to his old records, they sound differently. In General, listening to.

2. «Sweet Come Down», The Black Ryder

The Australian team of two people, Aymi Nash and Scott Von Ripper, makes music for themselves. Good, long lasting atmosphere combined with a simple guitar melody. It seems like a song recorded on tape in the early 60’s, but listen to it fascinating. However, the album they did outstanding, though outside of time.

3. «Beat The Devil’s Tattoo» By Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

A great and yet non-flashy American Turkey from San Francisco. A long name can be shortened to WOW. Song the team has become quite the hit among fans of garage rock. After listening to her, you know that I want to add it to the playlist. Very melodic vocal under a simple rhythm – excellent!

4. «Bang Bang», Monophonics

A funk band that made one of the best cover songs on «Bang Bang» (definitely should know the song from the film «Kill bill»). The guys got to record a song much more retrovo than sounded original.

5. «My Least Favorite Life», Lera Lynn

Lyrical song from the person who provided 80% of the musical material for «true detective». But we do recommend listening to full albums and this talented performer.

6. «My Power Is In Your Hands», Tito & Tarantula

The legendary band that you can’t know if you love the films of Tarantino or Rodriguez. Frontman Tito Larriva still he travels around the country with his gang, taking advantage of the cult films, where he lit his songs. But it is fair to say that the songs are cool. And the last album is no exception.

7. «Dust and Ashes», Tito & Tarantula

You didn’t think we leave you without a video for this brutal group? Listen, glorify Larriva, he’s old, but still brutal. And in the group chic, the girl who wielded the bass guitar.

8. «One Believer», Bjorn Berge

Amazing guitar sound – a mixture of contemporary Blues with country music. The artist is from Norway, he makes his music himself, and it seems that he is doing much better than many contemporary American bluesmen. If you want to hear something manly, of course, about the eternal, do not miss this guy. At the time, when sitting in the car, and the rain pours all around.

9. «Insane», The White Buffalo

Such life-affirming music must still search. This artist is great lyrics, for those who are versed in English, good plus to the musical component. But the music itself is soulful, not without ideas. Probably better to listen to him closer to morning, when the night hasn’t left yet, but already seen the first glimpses of sunlight.

10. «House of the Rising Sun» The Animals

Perhaps the most classic sounding of this mythical song. And probably the most emotional. 1964 and the music now touches appeared yesterday. Great solo on the keys. Although The Doors turned out not worse. And the song popular and even entered the 500 greatest songs of all time, according to the magazine Rolling Stone. But what exactly song, nobody knows. Many believe that the house of the rising sun is a brothel, are.

11. «Just Got to Be», The Black Keys

Garage rock is always soulful. 2 dudes who decided to play, not looking for Studio quality or generally accepted standards for the promotion of your product. And the songs of The Black Keys, despite its ease, can hardly be called a product. You turn on this track and forget about the brake pedal.

12. «Meet me in the Alleyway» Steve Earle

Dark country is a great genre, to travel around some haunts of Vice, where the smoke rises from the manholes, and in the alleys on cardboard to sleep hungry homeless. Someone is heated near burning in a garbage can, and you drive through the area, listening to Steve IRL. You’re happy because you don’t stab with a knife, and you’re relatively safe, but still warm.

13. «Down On The Farm», Seasick Steve

A little recovety old, who plays in country style. Go to the party? Then plug it in – always cheer up. In addition, our artists should learn from Steve how to remove the clips.

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