Playing cards made from carbon fiber

Carbon fiber seems to the material of the future. Of course, in the future will come up is not yet, but the first brick is already laid, friends. Usually carbon fiber produce something heavier, for example, to the handle axes, knives and other things you will find under the heading «Inventory». But thanks dude Kyle Sorenson, his friends, site, Kickstarter, carbon fiber has moved into the sphere of… gambling. Before you stylish, twill weave card with a silky surface playing cards. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful decks of 54 cards, however, the combination of black, white and twill diagonal stripes makes my eyes feel a semblance of the ripples. Technically creases and folding corners can only occur in an extreme situation, and I doubt that you’re going to play poker on top of a cliff in the pouring rain. Although Hiking is the ideal option!

Price on logs vary depending on whether staining red in the deck. For the red deck will have to pay 100 bucks for a deck of «white» — 70. Is it worth it? You decide! But it’s definitely better than metal timber and plastic.

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