Playboy — the story of a legend

manygoodtips.com_6.05.2014_Pxm1XqR4QitTOHistory of Playboy magazine dates back to 1953, when the world saw the first room with the young actress Jean Mortenson on the cover, in consequence took the pseudonym of Marilyn Monroe.

The founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner sincerely doubted that the first release followed by a second – he didn’t even put a number on the cover of the publication. The log was done literally «on the knee» — the layout of the first issue, Hefner adhesives, sitting in the kitchen of his apartment, and the money for its publication had to collect «every little helps» – according to some sources, the$ 1000 total capital belonged to the mother of Hefner.

From the first version of the journal title — Stag Party (Bachelor party) – the young publisher had to withdraw to avoid conflict with already existing at the time of Stag Magazine. The name Playboy is obliged a small firm engaged in the sale of cars, which worked for a friend of Hefner.


The main «chip» of the new journal was a photograph of a beauty spread, which the reader will be able to attach on the wall. For$ 50, Hefner bought it off his friend who was involved in the production of calendars with pretty photos then unknown actress Jean Mortenson and put him on the cover.

Since the budget journal only lasted for print, advertising, new edition Hefner had to do yourself. He peppered the company for the sale of periodicals letters which claimed that behind the magazine are the people with Esquire. The newly-publisher do previously worked at Esquire in the advertising Department, where he resigned in connection with the refusal of the management to raise his salary. In the letter Hefner responded only independent network Empire News Co. And something strange had happened — at the price of fifty cents a log has sold 52 thousand copies. Profit from sales of the first issue of Hefner carry on.

In 1955, Hefner was introduced in consequence of a constant heading «Girl of the month», the first model for which was the young lady that was engaged in the distribution of the magazine. The idea is to publish pictures not movie stars, but ordinary «neighborhood girls» was for its time revolutionary. It turned out that beauties live not only in Hollywood, they’re here – live and real.

Soon the income from the magazine Hefner to open his own club branded Playboy. The first institution appeared in Chicago in February 1960, and in the course of the year similar clubs have opened in New Orleans and new York.


Paid$ 25 for the «key to the door» club (actually – the membership fee) waited for cabaret, bar, great jazz and, of course, the main «landmark» establishments Playboy — «Girls Bath». Dressed in a slinky bodysuit, decorated with rabbit tails and ears sexy Babes very soon became the main sex symbol of America at that time. Until the mid-60s opened about 30 Playboy clubs around the world, with over 1 million members.

New a good move to Hefner decided to publish not only Nude beautiful girls, but serious texts. In different years the newspaper was an interview with Vladimir Nabokov, Andy Warhol, Fidel Castro, published the stories of Stephen king, Stanislaw LEM and many others. Hefner himself in numerous interviews said that has never been considered a Playboy magazine about sex, «For me it has always been a publication about the lifestyle in which sex is only one of its component parts. In General, sex is healthy when its not hide and do not hide: why besot society?»


In the early ‘ 70s, the annual income of the company amounted to $11 million, and circulation has exceeded 7 million copies. Finally, in 1972 he published the first Playboy foreign-language – first appeared in the German edition, later French, Brazilian, Italian, Japanese and so on.

Playboy-mania swept the world, and the magazine has gained cult status. This is the way we see it to this day – timeless (as Hugh Hefner), timeless and classic.

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