Play school: how to correct her in bed

If you ever said you worthless fuck, you know what that feels like. It’s a real pain, which is not wish to anyone. The most important thing is that you’re not so bad, just once screwed up. The thing is, as you said. As they say, words can kill? About the man not know, but on the potency it is possible.

Since you guys are so sensitive to complaints of bed, you can imagine that this is a tragedy for women. One wrong word and she won’t sleep with you until the end of the year because they will lose all confidence in himself. Here it is necessary carefully. Although there are some unique persons, who understand normal forward human speech. In this case, equivocation is not necessary: not all women need to Guild the Lily. But if without it not to manage?

She is a real death machine

Girls on top — that’s fine, unless they are moving on the right path. Not the case: when she rides you, she does it… with excessive enthusiasm. This pressure simply is impossible to make. Put your hands on her hips, so she slowed down a bit, and point it at the correct angle. So you’re job is to neutralize the stimulus and not say a word. Can no longer remove his hands from her thighs. She might even enjoy it. Another safe way is to moan when she’s doing all right. She’ll get the hint.

Painful oral sex

A friend made up of protected areas, but instead of joy, you somehow feel the pain. The teeth scratch you and she excessively sucks your friend. How to be?

Here without further ADO is not enough. You’ll have to discuss the issue, otherwise she’ll never know. With groans, then again, you can direct her in the right direction. Efforts in any case should be encouraged to let her know how much you love, but at the same time you can ask her to try something new. Not only to criticize and to praise — and even more and more to praise.


Handjob is good, especially if they are not your doing (Oh, the pun). But if she grabbed your boyfriend a death grip and squeezes it like mad, there is no fun. Gently take her hand in his and gently bring to the correct position.


For some unknown reason your girlfriend didn’t shave. It makes you uncomfortable and strange. The solution? Evening Spa! With you massage, the oil, and the quiet and you can shave her, wherever you need. It touches such a concern, and you will get what you missed. If he did not shave, be prepared that she will want to repay you in the same coin.

She avoids

Do you feel that there is a one-sided game? She lies on the bed, not moving and weakly responds to you. Maybe she likes it, but she does not show. If you work for one, and her silence is suspicious, it is urgent to solve the problem.

I feel tension and no response? So, something’s definitely wrong. Ask if she’s OK, what she feels and thinks. We cannot turn a blind eye to her fears and excitement. She may be something uncomfortable or that happened in the past, and now she can’t forget it. It should be discussed. If she’s not head in the clouds and enjoying all grab her hand and put it wherever you want. Can roll on his back so she was on top now not wriggle.

She was a bad kisser

For starters, look at yourself. By the way, a great first step for solving any problem. So. You’re not too pushy? Not pushing it, not climb in the face, do not pull around the neck? All right? Then the next step: consider their claims to a friend. What do you want? Tenderness? Then he become more gentle and slow. Give an example. It is possible to conceive a kind of game. First kiss her like I wish she kissed you, and then tell her to do the same. Kissing is not good sex is needed for experiments.

She is doing massage

She is so cute that suggested you do a relaxing massage, but some of it is not at all relaxing. Here we follow the strategy already described: when she does something good, tell me what you like. Can send her, where to RUB, where to stroke, where to press. When is she going to do this, be sure to praise. He will make her a massage to set an example. She will learn.

General guidelines

The main point is this: talk to her, and not her. Such conversations should be vzaimonapravlennykh, you need to listen to each other and to talk about their preferences. Remember that you can always set an example and turn it into a game. Don’t necessarily need to criticize. You can laugh, and then there will be problems. Instead of despair, it is better to talk.

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