Play it cool: remove the alarm

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2014_YPdSGs17y4Y4WEvery day we are exposed to stress, our anxiety level increases. The light is not lit in the house? If suddenly broken wiring? How much will it cost? The money runs out? If I would live to paycheck? And suddenly it stopped? Troubles in life are really a lot. All to avoid is almost impossible, but learn to bring down the alert level would be nice. If you do not bring down the anxiety level, you can drive yourself into a depression, losing appetite, and buy a lot of unpleasant sores.

We anticipate future events and see them in a bad light. Sometimes we think that we seriously expect them, especially when fears are confirmed. Anxiety and stress are physical and emotional responses to perceived dangers (not always real). And since most of us are not working with the tigers and never hunt for terrorists in the Amazon jungle, most often it is the little things that put us on the verge of collapse: morning rush hour, loss of house keys, the lack of money to pay. Fortunately, this type of stress are easily defeated with a few simple changes in our daily routines.

1. Sleep

Many people think that it’s impossible, but it is not so. Sometimes healthy sleep more than anything else, especially when you’re unable to sleep properly. Therefore it is necessary to sacrifice everything for a dream. Lack of sleep not only affects our physical health, it also contributes to the level of anxiety and stress. And sometimes the lack of sleep provokes a vicious cycle, since anxiety often leads to disruptions in sleep. Suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep — try to sleep a full seven or nine hours a day, this should reduce the level of anxiety.

2. Viewing something funny and positive

Laughter and positive emotions a little decorate the gray days. Funny review on Youtube, the book, viewing even funny groups in some social networking can help you to lower the anxiety level. Importantly, the content caused you positive emotions. Our heading of «Entertainment», for example, copes with this.

3. Mess

Clutter in the workplace, home and generally gives us more trouble — proven fact. It is impossible to be nervous and somewhat anxious and normal to look at a crappy workplace. Rake the piles of trash, wash the dishes and floors: it definitely helps to cope with anxiety and stress. In addition, a full 15 minutes of raking of shit will help you to distract from domestic problems, switching to external. You will begin to think rationally, and you will not have so much effort to worry about.

4. Eat right

Anxiety always comes from the body, and the body needs food. Anxiety can completely break down the processes in our body, redrawing them in randomnum order. Our appetite might change, or we suddenly are going to want certain products. So, we can behave like pregnant girls, I mean. The body needs to give the necessary support, try to eat more foods that contain nutrients such as vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids. Complex carbohydrates from cereals are also welcomed. Vitamin directly linked with good mental health, and omega-3 can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Complex carbs regulate serotonin levels, helping us to remain calm. And though our desires can make us terribly want sweet and harmful, studies show that eating sweet and processed foods only increase anxiety.

5. Learn to breathe using the diaphragm or belly

A few of these deep breaths will help you to relieve stress. When you breathe slowly, shallowly and often, the brain thinks there is something wrong, but when you breathe deeply and slowly, he calms down, being sure that everything goes according to plan.

6. Stay with him alone

In fact it’s the same old meditation, but who needs all these dubious ways to reinvent yourself, which is more suited for TP? The mechanism of meditation and stay with myself in General similar. Alone can be about anything not to think, and to ponder how we could improve Russia, for example.

7. Think about how you can solve specific problems that cause your anxiety

Are you concerned because you do not have enough money to pay? What can you do? Think about it from different angles. What can you possibly do with that? To borrow from someone? To make a tentative schedule and menu, to give up some things to save the balance? I see the situation not seems to you terrible, if you do it normally so correct! All the way through!

8. Play

It is desirable, of course, with a cat or dog. A lot of positive emotions cause these funny creatures and their behavior. So if you feel bad, time to pet the cat. If the cat is not, install Quake 3 and kill bots. Great help.

9. Fully turn off

This does not mean that you need to go to the hardware store for the rope and soap. This means that you need a place and time to sit and stare at a single point, say nothing, do nothing and nothing to think. Works very well on a trip in public transport, when you sit and look out the window. On the other hand, is better when there is no noise. You can do the following: come home, turn off the lights, lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling. It seems weird, but it helps. I’m not kidding!

10. Smell something soothing

Try to smell and burn soothing oil. Cornflower, anise and chamomile is a great choice. They reduce tension in the body and help increase mental clarity.

11. Go to friends

It is difficult to cope with anxiety and stress alone? Ask the help of friends or relatives. It can be as noisy gatherings, and a joint trip somewhere or a conversation eye to eye. Share your troubles.

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