Play and listen: the best of soundtracks we have seen, to play computer games helpful and pleasant. Unfortunately, many people believe that computer games — it’s mindless shooting and Rubelli designed to destroy the people of excellent, good, eternal and make the younger generation stupid maniacs consumers. This stereotypical view. Many games are interactive movies or books that have a plot, background, characters, and… the excellent soundtrack. Of course, these toys much more than this list, which is quite subjective! Nothing prevents you to be indignant in the comments! Most games can boast of a good plot, main characters and other positive qualities, but we selected the first cool music.

1. Fallout (1,2,3, New Vegas)

manygoodtips.com_26.05.2014_8f1OnZKkJh9W1Great soundtrack of the game about post-nuclear Apocalypse have not only advanced member jazz, Boogie-woogie and other retro beauty. Most of the locations 1,2 and New Vegas can boast of industrial and ambient, from which goosebumps.

What is this? Fallout is a legendary game series is about a post Apocalypse and the evil people who brought the world to this state. The story, as well as dialogues, wonderful, some people passed the first and second of the game twenty times, and all because of play due to the huge number of passing options are always interesting. The last two parts (especially the third) is quite controversial, however, they have a lot of licensed retro music.

Who wrote the soundtrack? Mark Morgan is a famous composer of music in ambient style for TV shows and computer games. Licensed music from the Ink Spots, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Peggy Lee and others.

2. Silent Hill 2

Only the Japanese can, after reading «Crime and punishment», to make a horror game with a strong motive for repentance. Really atmospheric, sad and impressive story with beautiful guitar riffs.

What is this? The game falls heavily from the overall storyline of the series, there is only a scene and a couple of monsters. Unlike other games in the series, the second part is a psychological Thriller and drama. In the process of passing, you begin to realize that all these horrors and monsters, most likely in the head of our hero. Each of them is a symbol of hope, problems with parents, freedom, love, duty, despair, remorse and repentance, which is the main motive of the game. Made in the best traditions of Arthouse adequate, and despite the fact that the toy is old enough, is visually very beautiful.

Who wrote the soundtrack? Akira Yamaoka — one of the best composers of music for games. At concerts dude always plays to full houses, and the main theme of this game — his beloved.

3. Grim Fandango

manygoodtips.com_26.05.2014_NTE3crrS7csaZQuest in the style of film Noir (or rather, it is a subtle mockery of them) from Tim Schafer great characters, great story, great funny dialogue, 150 voice actors and the whole orchestra, who wrote all the songs. OST for the game was produced separately on two discs and was a huge success.

What is this? It is difficult to describe in two words. It’s as if the characters in the film «Casablanca» would be dead, like the skeletons, but continued the tradition of film Noir, and also smoked a lot. The action takes place in Mexican world of the dead, where the role of the grim Reaper plays a tourist agent offers to buy a ticket to heaven… good works. However, even in the dead world there is corruption, and our hero Manny Calavera, a born cynic, womanizer and businessman, will encounter. Externally, the game is amazing, as stated by the quality of the film, all done with the soul, is very interesting to play and funny. All the characters smoke a lot (in the game manual said that it brought them to death), speak with a distinctive accent, and even tertiary characters voiced by separate actors. Despite the fact that Grim Fandango for many years, visually it will never become obsolete: it seems that the square heads of the skeletons — it’s not a bug, but a feature. The game acknowledged as a masterpiece even in the world art academies.

Who wrote the soundtrack? Peruvian musicians and jazz orchestra.

4. Full Throttle

manygoodtips.com_26.05.2014_VYQjl59UiZPulThe second quest from the guy Tim Schafer, who created many wonderful game worlds. The first game with voice acting and release on CD-ROM, drawn in cartoon style, but with three-dimensional models of bikes. The soundtrack to the game wrote the rock band «The Gone Jackals», it can also be found on the disks and to buy.

What is this? Quest with a great storyline, great voice acting, great characters and unusual design. A game about bikers from the future. The spirit of freedom available. The only drawback of the game is a bit short.

Who wrote the soundtrack?«The Gone Jackals»

5. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

The topic of vampires in the modern world vulgarized «Twilight» and «vampire Diaries», but this thing is strict to the point of madness. All due to the fact that the setting and role-playing system of the game is incredibly dark, Gothic and cool World of Darkness. These vampires are enjoying their eternal life. The soundtrack is not only interesting ambient music recorded in studios, Troika, but also protected the music of famous bands and artists of different genres.

What is this? A great story about why casual sex is bad. The main character after one night turned into a vampire without permission and tried to execute on a legal basis, but it all went wrong. Great story, great dialogue, gallons of blood and black humor, very interesting to play opportunity to pass a lot, and the dialogue lines are changed depending on an intellectual, your character, Lovelace, Gopnik vampire incomprehensible or crazy. Ah Yes, the game can be completed in Malkavian — vampire crazy, which in the beginning knows who in this story someone, and actively mocks everyone. And he is made to wear a traffic cone and talks to the TV. The game has many references to famous novels, movies and games.

Who wrote the soundtrack? Locations are often dark industrial sounds from composer Rick Shaffer. He has written a wonderful initial topic. Licensed soundtrack wrote Genitorturers, Darling Violetta, Chiasm, Tiamat, Lacuna Coil and many others.

6. Planescape: Torment

The creators of Fallout a long time ago decided to make easy the game to draw attention to their series, so they created a game, which almost immediately received the title cult. Why? Yes, because it is a natural philosophical parable in the style of surrealist fantasy in a cruel and strange world.

What is this? The main character does not save the world and not looking for power. The whole plot is entirely devoted to… search of death, remorse, and the answer to the question «What can change nature of man?» But it is not done in the spirit of boring lectures on philosophy, although during the game you meet up with these schools of philosophy. Visually, the game is stunningly beautiful, lovely and detailed. Attention to detail is visible even in the details: one of the companions of the hero speaks to the British thieves ‘ slang of the eighteenth century. with a Scottish accent. The text in the description and the dialogues more than in «War and peace». To play can be evil, and neutral, and reasonable and good character. Also excited to be able to convince the person that it doesn’t exist, killing him in such a simple action. The title of the visual cult of the parable justifies one hundred percent.

Who wrote the soundtrack? the same mark Morgan. It is recommended to play, to listen to the entire soundtrack.

7. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

One of the few games in the genre of steampunk devoted to the moral and ethical problems of the industrial revolution in a fantasy world. Made by the same company and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

What is this? Game about the confrontation of the forces of nature and forces of technological progress. The industrial revolution is moving forward, actively building steam machines, but it turns out that the ancient power of magic cannot coexist with locomotives: they miraculously break. The ability to shoot elves and dwarves with guns, dressed in tailcoat and top hat, unspeakably happy. The plot isn’t as interesting as exploring the world and performing a secondary task with a bunch of moral dilemmas. It is the soundtrack at the time, gave the game a cult status: he is really unusual. To show the confrontation between mystic power and industrialization, the main composer of the game Ben Hug sang the melodies of the Renaissance and the middle Ages with the tools of the Victorian era. Ambient music for cello and string Quartet, performing music, made the game so famous that in 2005, soundtrack was included in the program of the symphonic game concert in Leipzig. However, to sell well the game did not help.

Who wrote the soundtrack? string Quartet Ben Judge.

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