Platitudes that cause you discomfort

manygoodtips.com_19.01.2015_758z61Cza4PgbNone of us likes discomfort, and sometimes it seems like we at all afraid of him. To avoid a trip to Vladivostok in the reserved seat in the company of Dembele or refuse to uncomfortable shoes during tourism trips is one thing. But to be guided in making decisions based on a sense of insecurity or fear, but that’s another conversation.

This fear of poison instantly poisons of negativity in our life and we end up depriving ourselves of the worth of a relationship or immersive experiences. We are afraid to try, very afraid of failure and too scared to just pull the head out of the sand and see what’s going on beyond our comfortable and safe life. We live a quiet life in comfort, where technologies allow to obtain instant pleasure and a sense of coherence. Computers and mobile phones give the opportunity to stay in our stagnant industries as long as we want. We go to dinner and checking our phones, listen to music, scrolling through Instagram, instead of having to talk to relatives. We are afraid to explore new territory, to try new things.

Although many situations can deliver a lot of trouble, more often than not, they have a happy resolution. Exploring and gaining new experiences, we can expand our horizons and learn more not only about themselves but also about others. The new year is a blank slate: it’s time to stop running from discomfort. We’re not talking about something global. You can always start small and to reconsider its attitude to the everyday things that make you dislike and rejection.

1. Public transport

If you are not the owner of your own transport, as millions like you, every morning shaking in the subway or on the bus, trying to survive in this nightmare. And what more you can focus your attention, except for the pulsing hatred for all living things that pushes and smells around you? Look out the window if you’re on public transport, and you have the opportunity. Why? Read in this article a couple of exercises, how to develop your creative potential. Since you’re stuck there for half an hour, why not spend it for the benefit of the business. Download to your smartphone or e-book piece that you have long wanted to read but could never find the time. Here it is: all yours, and consistently twice a day, five days a week. But if you’re desperate small, why not try to meet some accidentally went and sat down opposite to beauty? Of course, most modern beauties does not take guys in the subway as a potential Cavaliers, but damn it, the emotions you will dilute the routine of starting or ending of the working day. The more who knows what can turn such a conversation… You can send to, provide the phone number or lose a couple of teeth that you’ll beat her boyfriend, CCM Boxing. In General, it will not be boring.

2. Travel abroad

If you have the lucky opportunity to travel abroad, must be a complete fool to this opportunity must be seized. You won’t believe, but there are such characters, finding travel organized by travel companies in a very patch, and by all to plan and they have no desire. Usual laziness and fear of such trouble, so pleasant to most people, attracts these weirdos to the bed, and they dream about the adventures that await them, but not now. Then. Later. Avoiding any risks, you will not discover anything new that would be worth to love.

3. New job or internship

Sometimes the fear of failure is so strong that it can deny the ability to think rationally and objectively, dispassionately weighing all the «pros» and «cons». Usually, in this approach, the points «for» are in the majority. This situation occurs when you are thinking about a new job or internship. Let now sit in a swamp, but it’s warm, and familiar. That’s just each year you will be harder to pull my fat ass out of this quagmire.

4. Moving to a new city

Change is always a source of concern. We live in a society that is stuck in a rut. Usually the first big jump out of it we do when we go to University. This can be a new house from a hostel to a circuit of the apartment, and new city. Change your attitude to change! Because with their help you have a chance to drastically change your life for the better, to find new friends or a decent relationship, maybe a place that will be your new home.

5. The new date

Just do it! What’s the worst that can happen? I don’t think that you have not yet passed. And the chance is always 50/50. Stop finding excuses and do not drive themselves into the framework that he built in his head.

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