Plan for 50 days: how to become a God push-UPS

Push-UPS — a good old base, which will help you to keep the body in shape for many days. Varieties of push-UPS so a bunch of sucks that all of them are almost impossible to describe: every day there is something new. We tried to describe several types of push-UPS in one article, but it’s not even close.

Generally, the amount of muscle that affect push-UPS, scary big. Pushups — the best example of comprehensive exercises for all muscle groups. There are varieties of push-UPS, which are quite isolated affect some muscle groups, but as with any exercise with their weight, completely isolated and it is not.

The plan for 50 days specially designed to help you significantly improve the strength of your push UPS to pump up stamina and develop themselves harmoniously. I’m usually sceptical of these plans for hundreds and thousands of sit-UPS but push-UPS is really what we need to improve. To do this, even in the army to go do not have.

If you follow this simple plan can make a decent swing for 50 days. The main thing in this plan is regularity. If you throw — everything will float, and you’ll never be able to overpower him.

Days from the first to the 30th

During the first thirty days from the moment when you decided to do this experiment by following these training Protocol. Are you going to do five approaches of push-UPS three times a day. The frequency of performing push-UPS six days a week. Weekly you need one day to rest. Although this seems like a crazy amount of work, in fact, the regime is not too far from how to train future soldiers in the army. Imagine you’re back in the army. Or just in the army, if you haven’t been, it will help you to feel unity with the defenders of the homeland, well, or will show you that there are those who are worse than you. So trust me and start this Grand challenge.

Make sure that between sessions of exercise is at least two hours. I recommend to split the exercise in this way: in the morning the first session, during the lunch break — the second, at the end of the day third. And break just optimal. If it is not possible to do them in the middle of the day, you can do one session right after work and another before bed.

The rest between each repetition of exercises no more than three minutes. It is advisable to rest after the first of the two approaches 30 seconds, and then 60 to 90.


  • Frequency — are You going to exercise 6 days a week.
  • Of sets and reps — 5 sets during each session for as many repetitions as you can.
  • The rest — an average of 60-90 seconds between sets and no more than 3 minutes.
  • Time between workouts — Rest between sessions at least 2 hours.

I strongly recommend you keep a training diary and record the amount of exercise you do each approach to see your progress.

Your body will probably be hurt, you’ll lose motivation, but I still suggest to endure.

Days from 31 to 50

In the last 20 days of the plan, you if you’re not lazy, well get stronger. Your endurance will increase, but the hands are properly loaded. You went more than half way! Now it’s time to change the training Protocol.

  • Day 31-35 4 days of pushups, then one day off. Continue to do 5 sets of pushups in each session, three times a day. Breaks and other conditions are the same.
  • Days 36-40 — 4 days of pushups, one day off. 4 sets of pushups, three times a day.
  • Days 41-44 — 3 days of push UPS, two days off between each. 3 sets of push-UPS per day — three times.
  • Days 46-50 — 2 days of push UPS, two days off between each day. 2 sets of push-UPS a day. The number of push-UPS three times a day.

Day 52 — the day of the test

Time to test your strength, man, and finally understand that 50 days of push-UPS actually was a fairly simple test, the only difficulty of which is only in matters of motivation. These days led to a particular result. How to check your achievements? Quite simply, you’re certain to find the stopwatch on your phone or in the usual way? You got two minutes man, take a fighting stance and try to do as many pushups as you can. The result will be an indicator of how well you did push-UPS. How to understand that everything is cool? Well, first, on the Internet you can easily find lists on all occasions, and secondly, the success though is that you managed not to die within 2 minutes of pushups. If you are not able to do push-UPS continuously for two minutes, maybe you have to get to gym or crossfit? Or listen to advice

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