Pirate Skull watch BR 01 Tourbillon Bronze


The company Bell & Ross has created for the charity auction Only Watch Skull watch BR 01 Tourbillon Bronze. A source of inspiration for designers in the development was the legend that Bartholomew Hawkins is the captain of a pirate ship «Black Storm», which sank in 1815 off the coast of Monaco wore made of bronze fragment cannon tourbillon watch. For those who don’t know, the tourbillon is the sort of thing that allows us to neutralize the effect of earth’s gravity and improve the watch’s accuracy. So, according to the beautiful legend, during one of the most violent Mediterranean storms, the ship, along with Hawkins and his hours went down. But the brave divers with the support of the spirit of Jacques-Yves Cousteau found these wonderful wrist device. And to spit that the first wrist watch has appeared only during the First world war. Well, God bless him, legend is beautiful!


The most beautiful and exciting in these hours, of course, appearance. Square 46 mm case BR 01 Tourbillon Skull Bronze made of bronze with Microterminal. An alloy of copper (92%) and tin (8 %) initially has a color resembling various shades of pink or red gold, and eventually covered with a layer of patina that gives it a unique vintage look. At the same patina that changes color depending on the climate and time of year does not affect the strength and durability hours. In the case of the BR 01 Tourbillon Skull Bronze bronze coexists with titanium.

And now the question on filling: how to convey the spirit of the pirate? Yes here and think for a long time is not necessary, enough only to stick a pirate symbols: the skull of gold in a frame of crossed bones on the bezel and the screws in the image of an old pirate flags. In addition, encouraging the arrows, in the shape of swords and daggers.

Beauty is a matter of course, good. But I would like to watch more and went. What’s inside? All solid, rich and Mature. See for yourself.


Clock movement: mechanical with manual winding and «flying» tourbillon BR-CAL.281.

Glass: sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating; slip logo made using metallization.

Functions: hours and minutes; tourbillon rotation simultaneously with the rotation of the seconds hands; a controller; a power reserve display (5 days); the precision specifier (a pointer to the factory springs that determines the optimum movement).

Water resistance: 30 m

Strap: crocodile leather brown, aged hand.

Clasp: classic; steel, PVD-coating of the titanium molecules.

Case: 46 mm; bronze CuSn8; screw-down crown; titanium sapphire case.

Dial: 3D, «net», the color of wet asphalt (copper coated black); skull made of gold 750-carat hand-engraved; cage of gold.

Hands: gold plated.

Watch will be presented in chests of precious wood with a glass cover in the center of the lid. If you’re bold, rich, you will certainly be able to afford this watch. They really are very cool. One appearance is fascinating, not worse than the one ring. But while the price has not been announced, so we can only hope at this beauty.

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