Pillow remote control


Losing the remote is quite simple, every that happened. Of course, the remote is lost less often, such as socks. But to lose the cushion on the sofa is particularly difficult. Why would they not combine?

This pillow can easily change channels on your TV, lose it quite problematic: the big hurt. Functions cushion pillow with remote control performs well. Press the keys cool, however, response is not felt, and it may be disliked by many dudes — however, it is a matter of taste. To activate the pillow, pull her to the corner. It is soft, plush to the touch.

By the way, with switching other things like sound systems, alarms, machines, mechanism of lifting of the fence she is also coping well.

You can buy it on http://manygoodtips.com/www.amazon.com/ at a price of $ 24 per share. Looks pretty ridiculous, but convenient.

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