PicoBrew Zymatic — automatic home brewery


Lately the whole world seems crazy with this craft beer. The idea to brew beer I really like. It’s a great hobby, which when bro would be proud to boast. PicoBrew Zymatic — automatic home brewery that collected the required amount of money on Kickstarter and now can please you and your friends your own craft beer. Always thought that is what you did with your hands, awesome idea. The idea is that the cost of the device can pay for itself in 12 weeks, according to the calculations the creators of the device. Is PicoBrew Zymatic is about $ 1600. Buy hops and other raw materials will cost $ 9. In General, this volume can be boiled 128 packs of 6 bottles for a pint in each of them. I agree that it’s cool!

The manuals and educational film you are told in detail what to do with all this good. PicoBrew Zymatic resembles a microwave oven, a modern kitchen fit very well. Stop drinking crap, treat your friends with your beer!

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