Pickled eggs — severe male snack

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Probably, you, my friend, in two different movies (especially Irish, English and Scottish) saw the frame where the bar stood a huge bottle with a strange color liquid, in which lay boiled eggs. We have often asked ourselves the question: what the heck how to do it? And we found out for you and for myself that it is.

Pickled eggs are an appetizer that has appeared on open spaces of Albion. Very often it is served in English pubs, bars and similar establishments. Quite often, the container of eggs is directly on the bar, and sometimes someone’s hairy hand reaches into it to retrieve some eggs.

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English cuisine, in fact, disgusting, but pickled eggs caught on in America. And all because they are great as a snack with alcohol and toast for Breakfast.

How is it done?

Simple enough. You will need the necessary number of eggs, bottle with cover (may look similar at IKEA) and some spices. First, mix water with a tablespoon of vinegar, you can take even an ordinary Apple, if you don’t mind its smell. Add finely chopped hot pepper, garlic crumble, add your favorite spices (highly recommend the pepper white and black polka dot), put a few leaves of Bay leaf. Add a little salt and less sugar. And now prove the mixture to a boil, leave it for 10 minutes to stand up, let it cool and pour pre-boiled eggs. Leave them to stand in a refrigerator for 2 days. Receive and call friends!

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