Physics win at roulette

With the help of science everything is possible, friend, even to cheat the casino as well as anything out there Clooney and pitt.

From the physics journal Chaos showed how you can use mathematics and physics to predict where the ball will fall under all known roulette.

In the game the ball is spun on the rim of the roulette wheel in the opposite direction from the movement of the wheel, so that he made more than three complete turns. Then the ball rolls out of the rim of the roulette wheel, Bouncing, and falls into one of the numbered pockets from 0 to 36. There goes the process of drawing the roulette table.

Professor Michael Resins of the University of Western Australia believes that if we know where the ball will bounce and the baffle begins to run, we can significantly reduce the number of possible successful options where it will stop.

I should add, dude, craftsmen had invented many ways to determine the final stopping place of the ball. But not one of them did not meet expectations. Tar argues that «beat the system» is possible only with the help of science.

For victory it is desirable to know the initial position, velocity and acceleration of the ball. I wonder how they all will calculate the other?

He Pitches also recognizes that his method can only give 18% chance to win. It is a pity that it works only in case if the casino is honest.

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