Physical exercise against depression


A brisk 30-minute walk or Jogging around the stadium three times in a week can be as effective in removing the main signs of depression, and a standard set of antidepressant drugs, according to the results of the Medical research Center of Duke University.

A very exciting title, isn’t it? Suppose you think that the news spread on the front pages of Newspapers and magazines? And here and there.

This news became known in the result of a study conducted in 1999. In 1999! 13 years ago!

Since there have been quite a few studies which confirmed this fact. And, despite this, the only place where you smogeli to see these results is a tiny ads in magazines about health. However, the number of people that buy antidepressants continues to grow. When did you last hear that the doctor prescribed exercise for a patient with depression?

What do we have? On the one hand, drug companies invest in to diminish the number of stories about healing from depression with a simple exercise. On the other hand, news outlets and magazines are full of advertisements about the new magic pill that will cure a recently discovered disease. Media companies don’t want disorder with major pharmaceutical companies.

Who is to blame in this situation? Modern culture is such that people always want to see instant results and have a chance to get something just like that. People want to benefit without making efforts, want happiness to come to them without any of them. Psychologist Roger Greenberg, PhD, in an interview with WebMD expressed is the state of society and people very well.

Greenberg said: «it is Clear that antidepressants have become so popular in a very short time. Data that are scientifically proven to their high efficiency, is not enough. As patients and doctors are willing to put into practice the concept of «emotional lability» (mood swings) that allows you to quickly fix the depression and prescribe medications.»

The postulate that depression is caused by biochemical instability, which is in line with drug use in recent years was confirmed, because it provides such an easy solution to a complex problem. Biochemical instability — a convenient phrase printed in large type, although there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of this condition.

Despite the fact that antidepressants are able to quickly eliminate depression, their use is not without consequences. Cramps, nausea, weight gain, loss of libido, more worryingly, men, — all these potential side effects.

These antidepressants are very different from exercise. Exercise is not only effective, its side effects are always useful. Weight loss and increased libido often results in physical exercises. Best of all, exercise will help boost your confidence. James Blumenthal, a psychologist and researcher at Duke University, says that exercise is as effective because «the patients actually play an active role in trying to heal».

“A simple taking the pill is very passive, says Dr. Blumenthal. — Patients who were trained may have experienced a greater sense of prescribed actions and to complete the exercise, putting them in more meaning. They felt more confident and had more self-esteem because I was able to do the exercises directly, i.e. independently, and attributed the improvement of health own ability to train».

Today we live in a vacuum of personal responsibility. Instead of trying to suppress faith in yourself, you need all the will power to direct the exercise, both men can be proud of the fact that control over your own body and life.

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