Phrases that turn a girl into a shrew

girl gone mad

To talk to women difficult. They are sensitive. Some phrases actually turn them into nezavisimih sirens. For example, these.

1. You have no strength?

Even if you have a suspicion that the argument of an hour’s length, who don’t put the milk in the fridge, involved in her special day, never need to announce this brilliant idea, because you have a penis and you don’t understand her torment.

2. You sound like my mom

To tell a young girl that she speaks like she’s twice older than really is, it’s like calling her an old woman with ingrown toenails. Offended. You’d be angry too.

3. Go to your

Why? Because your girlfriend/wife/mom/old hooker at your house?

4. I’ve been here before with his ex

If you still don’t know what to compare ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend is not acceptable, then at least don’t do it out loud, so he began to worry, as if she was something worse.

5. Would you like a ride?

Some bro very poorly understand what they do. For example, dudes that retard next to a pretty girl, walking down the street and offer her a ride. You this gesture seems harmless, as if you offer her a drink at the bar — it’s not, dude. It scares them, like you’re such a maniac — from childhood friends, they teach us not to get in the car to strangers.

6. What, you grew Boobs?

Often we, men, confuse the compliments that we like to do, with compliments of how women like to get to your address. When we say that it increased the breast, we think she will be glad if we were told that we have grown a penis. However, women’s Breasts usually increases if they are just fattening, pregnancy or menstruation, so better not to comment on its scope.

7. I called you five times but you didn’t answer. Do you want to go somewhere?

«I haven’t had sex in a hundred thousand years, save me!» — that’s how she hears it.

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