Phrases that make you a bad boss

Porada.kom.ua_8.07.2014_07wfPM1PEIDynIf you are lucky enough to lead at least a few people except the proud title of «chief» and some other privileges, you will find a long list of responsibilities and the transition to a fundamentally new level of responsibility.

For example, as a «chef» you’ll have to more carefully «filter market». Wrong word can kill any employee’s motivation and turn you into his eyes, «enemy of the people».

1. «You did… what?!»

With the exception of cases of clinical idiocy, a man performs an action for some reason. Even if your employee did, in your opinion, wrong, before descending on him all the dogs, try to find out why he did it.

2. «It’s not my problem»

The problem with your subordinate = your problem. And nothing else. In the end, if your employee can not cope with something, to disentangle in the end will have you head. Think about it.

3. «I’m very busy»

You will be surprised, but one of the functions of leadership is to lead. To order not sitting on a throne of their own ambitions, but really to coordinate the work of the whole team. And in order to cope with the organization of work, you need to find time for each of the team members.

4. «It’s not my decision, it’s an order from above»

Even if it’s true, you’re as responsible for the fate of his subordinates, must do everything possible to «orders from above» not sabotaged the work from below. In the end, it is your duty to convey to the «top» needs «bottom».

5. «You again»

The phrase that demonstrates a bias against the employee. Do not argue, some of the comrades sometimes just lead to rabies. However, if, again, exclude the cases of clinical idiocy, it is likely that your co-worker is bothering you not just. Perhaps his proposals is rational, and in his failures — the fault of you as a Manager.

6. «Just do it»

Despite the attractiveness of this phrase as the slogan of Nike, to hear it from lips of the head no one wants. If you are interested in the success of the business, you can’t afford to give instructions, without going into details.

7. «but…»

This tiny Union can play a fatal for the speech of the leader role. Actually «but» cancels everything that was said before the «but.» Abusing the word, you yourself are the fruit of the contradictions in their indications and risk to confuse the slave.

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