Phrases that it is better not to tell people after a breakup

People have this feature: they meet, they fall in love and then break up. The last procedure for a long time can knock a person off balance, forcing him to turn sour as the milk and impress all the bad things in the human mind. From a failed break, no one is immune, so miss you all: politicians and your friends. It is not known who calms the politicians, but to the rescue of friends have to go directly to you. Role, of course, honorable, but sometimes you can blurt out such nonsense, which instead of help, soaping the rope and the stool already substitutes for the accident.


It sounds so gay that your next step should be a silent pause and a long, languid look in the eye. And after you have passionately, with Champ and squeals to suck each other. So don’t try to speak with feeling, and most importantly — do not hug him.

And one more thing: if the Queen Syavskaya it is not worthy, then why would a decent girl ignore him?

You’ll find someone.The phrase is absolutely useless, so shockingly banal. Even girls and dudes with nursery know how this phrase is useless.

And what is still disgusting: people are upset, because before he lived did not grieve, I thought that everything in his life easier, here abandoned him, destroyed the usual world, and you are literally forced to spend time and effort on finding the others. This is a very complex process, from which emanates despair.

What Taylor swift song, and singer Juliana best describe your emotional state now?I agree, this sentence looks like gibberish, but let me tell you a terrible secret: some years ago I tried to comfort such a phrase, only instead protoptannoj Taylor and Julian bogojavlenskogo there were songs singer Gotye. Even then, the phrase did not cause anything other than complete bewilderment. It was hard to believe that this question is asked. And for what? To put a song and to finally bring desperate?


But he was not visible — he thought she was the most beautiful of all the fairies and was convinced of her purity and innocence. Where did you get so smart-smart was why he was not warned, even though it is useless? Besides, it is not necessary to call a girl a prostitute who for 3 years lived disabled with infantile boy who does not want to change.

I told you!!!Even worse — when you’re still warned. Well done, sumotoris still here, bitch. Man is bad, and you its importance and the wisdom of promoting. Now he is agree with you and would feel worthless fool who does not see the obvious, and therefore doomed to deception and betrayal.

She’ll realize what she lost!Oh? The drunk and the fool has no future? He’s also not an idiot and realizes that she did the right thing.

Dude, just think about how much stress and money you will save without it. Rest!That’s all true, but your friend is unlikely to shed tears in a monastery. After some time, to resume raids on clubs, there will be new ladies, and that means more expenses. And what kind of nerves can be involved, if he’s depressed, and it means that the nerves no longer exists, and days ahead of a Grand and full-scale destruction of money and health called «booze»?


Yes you calm down! Everyone already knew that you’re the Oracle. But he believed that they have once and for all, let the man dream.

Quit whining, the world is full of women!But at the moment he needs one, special and unique, which radiates a divine radiance, almost like from Beatrice. All true, but at the moment he would rather spend the rest of his life alone than with anyone but her.

Frankly, we all disliked it.And he knows it, and he saw it, and this, incidentally, was one of the reasons for their disagreements. Even if you never showed it, after he said can you call one of the culprits in the gap.

You said that it was made of wood.But the rest of it was not. Yes, and your friend draws a maximum of the first children’s class in sex.


It would seem that the two are completely opposite in meaning of the phrase, but the answer can be only one: «Thank you for stating the obvious, it really helped».

Well, congratulations with the release! Now finally can relax. You’re free! Let’s have some fun!Unexpected freedom is better than imprisonment. And it won’t be fun — on the contrary, he will suffer, because not imagine my life without her.

Well, thank God, had passed. Release, witch.Carried? Then why he feels like he pierced right through the bullet, hitting all the bodies? Back? Apparently, she brought a large piece of his heart.

She’s just a stupid little girl, whose goal in life is to jump out to marry a wealthy man with a car and apartment that will support her.You’re just finished off your friend, are officially calling him pathetic and nothing. Of course, the girl was rather better, and then you would not want.


I have the feeling that you are trying to remind his friend that he had met with a prostitute. Why?

Maybe she’ll come back?Stop! It is a violation of all friendly laws! You don’t have to give him such a stupid hope. You should make every effort to knock him out, the right words and decisive action, all remnants of its presence, embedded in the soft tissue-like spikes. Tactfully explain to the person that even meeting her search is not necessary.

And you hammer it. For crying out loud!I must say, the psychologist isn’t your strong suit. Of course, you provided invaluable assistance to his friend. Just the magic of friendship.

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