Phrases that don’t want to hear any dude

Words can hurt worse than a baseball bat. Word of mouth girls will hurt even more. That would not say girls, guys are different. Say what you will guys, a friend is also different. They like different things: some sport, some game, someone collecting different I mean, someone riding a Bicycle. But none of these guys will not like to hear phrases from this list. They can accidentally fly out of the mouth of any girl that will come our way. If this article is read by the girl, even if it pulls at us, others just read, agree or disagree!

1. «It happens to every guy»


Of course, we understand that you wanted us to cheer up, woman! But the very formulation of the phrase subtly hinted that there was something extraordinary, something is obviously wrong, and you don’t want it to ever happen again. You say it happens to every guy, but we never wanted to be some kind of «every guy»: it seems to us that we were special, and now it appears we the most common. Life is unfair!

2. «We need to talk»


Nobody wants to hear this phrase. Regardless of gender and age. Some guys seriously feel that after these words something inside of their body falling off and crashing down. And seriously, when, after uttering these words was something good? These words often mean that you now will tell something bad or say something like: «It doesn’t work, you idiot, customize!» However I once heard this phrase when I just wanted to grind some small talk. And here I sit, looking at this guy and hate him, because a moment ago I was ready for a serious conversation. If you need to talk about something serious, report it as something else.

3. «I love you… like a brother»


You know, once told my girlfriend that I was drunk trying to stick. It was a very unpleasant thing, and it’s good that we’re still even friends families. This phrase means the beginning of the friend zone, which, believe me, no one wants to be in. «Brother,» «dear boy» — here they are, soft name for a person she had never wanted to meet, because to sleep with you even thought so I like to be in one terrible day in the same bed with his brother. This phrase is designed to gently crush the heart of a guy who expects sex.

4. «My parents will be staying with us for a couple of days»


Not to say that I don’t like your parents, a woman. But I agree that you would have reacted the same way if my mom was staying with us for a few days. Why is it so hard? First, it’s an invasion of personal space. You have to behave well for some time, to smile and not walk around the room in one sock. You’re going to feel some pressure and relax you will fail. Second, you’re still wearing a mask of geniality to please her mother. But it’s hard, right? Parents need to love, and if you try to keep them at a distance, your love has not diminished. In a way, «Soviet» mentality makes us think that his parents should live, to be in the same area and diligently to keep a positive view. And this is hypocrisy, man. Personal space is necessary and parents, especially a stranger.

5. «The cinema shows all of the «Twilight» and people, including small children — the first season of «the vampire Diaries»…»


Or any other romantic Saga that will go for 5 hours. «How to lose weekend» two weeks ago, I talked about the fact that «movie Night» — terrible idea, because sitting a few hours watching a movie boring and tedious. Prospect to watch sob movie with a bunch of holes in the plot and not the cute characters who show each other an awkward teenage feelings, is not inspiring. And you cannot sleep!

6. «It seems, and you will also have to be tested… just in case»


Worst of all, when different sores grow on your body suddenly. You’re not expecting them, but your immune system was down, and your Johnson appeared such nonsense, which is appetite suppressant for many days ahead. Tedious you have to take antibiotics, refrain from sexual activity, and that’s not all. When it tells you girl, it’s doubly frustrating. You feel like you have to go to the hospital, where you’ll take a swab, which in itself is terribly frustrating and painful. Then you will have some time to wait for analysis results that will be positive. A couple of days you’ll get some crap. Or begin other symptoms. But there is much, much worse…

7. «I’m here to pick up my daughter»

Nobody wants to hear this phrase, but if at the threshold of your apartment is a serious kind of dude with a heavy object in hand, it became quite uncomfortable. Worst of all, when you know that your friend is a minor. If she’s legal by law, do not rush to breathe a sigh of relief and send the guy to yuh! Perhaps this is a crazy father who doesn’t like the fact that his daughter has every right to have sex and live with whoever she wants. This dude is giving you a hard time, equivalent sensations from anal polyps. Now it seems that the situation is stupid or even funny, but many years later, you come to the dude to pick up his daughter from his house. The cycle of life is unpredictable!

8. «You have a very decent size. He satisfies me,»


Nobody wants to hear this phrase because the more she pays attention to it, the greater the chance that the size does not suit her. Here in this article we have dealt in detail with the subject of the dimensions of the penis. Srachi in the comments are added.

9. «I may be pregnant»


You realize that this phrase needs to be in the end of this list. It is tantamount to a blow to the head and sudden alarm. I must say, this phrase is terrible only for those who are not married who are not going to get married in the next five years and who do not want to have children. Even if the constant girl you sincerely like, you’re at least 60 years — you would still be sure that even 10 years would have lived without children. Children do not always happiness, it’s a huge responsibility, as I wrote in this article. This really is the worst thing we can hear in life.

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