Phrase that you can use during an argument

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2016_aQapJXk4bBFqURelationship is a difficult thing, without a bottle they do not understand. The first time you truly happy with your girlfriend there is no reason for quarrels. But then you move in with her, her role in your life is amplified many times, there comes a time conflict of interest. Scandals, intrigue, investigation is inevitable — they are part of a healthy relationship. All of us sometimes want to let off steam, but to do it properly. The first thing you need to remember when a fight breaks out — not to aggravate it, otherwise the battlefield will inflame with a new force. Keep a clear head and don’t say something you might regret.

I’m coming!

You’re not a 16 year old girl friend. Such is the threat that comes from the mouth of an adult man, that sounds awfully funny. If you really want to break up with a girl, then do it right, and not in a moment of rage and resentment. Under the influence of destructive emotions, no one ever takes informed decisions. So, be Mature. Worst of all, when you know that a friend is unpleasant to hear and it will not go away from you, but you still throw empty threats only in order to hurt her, to win in a crazy argument.

You’re fattening him up

If you live a long time with a girl, know its weaknesses, and those things she prefers not to remember. She might have trouble with the face, breast size, or is she just overweight — when in doubt it is better to forget about it. Insults on the grounds of physical disability can increase his uncertainty, you don’t need will affect the bed, if you sign peace. Self esteem is easy to destroy, but to raise — difficult. Even if your friend really was awful, abandoned you or did something stupid, it is better not to use her physical limitations as an argument in a fight.

You don’t satisfy me

Even worse, but you can understand this, because most will be badly hurt if a friend would say such words to you. Sexual problems are your fault, too, even if you’re okay with this case. When verbal battle, the idiot in your head can Wake up and say a lot of words that relate to sexual problems. But this issue should be solved differently, by joint efforts, and certainly not during an argument.

Remember when you…

Got drunk, broke all the dishes and smeared his vomit monitor? Of course, I remember. However, the past should be forgotten, and it is better not to touch it. In the series 11/22/63 this beautifully told. If there is a reason for hatred, not rattling up to her previous mistakes, which are not related to the topic. Such charges are inherently unfair. Just put yourself in her place, because you had mistakes. Wouldn’t you like to forget about them? To forgive and to forever close a painful page for you a century ago? Obviously, you’d like to treat you well in this regard. So why bother to rake up the past?

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