Phrase that will direct your life in the right direction

A remarkable property of language is that one sentence to change the course of history, human behavior, attitudes, and even mood. The word like magic, which must be handled very carefully. But we picked only those words that will affect life positively. Just occasionally they need to consciously tell himself to direct the flow of life in the right direction.


Perhaps everybody was talking about the magic word «no». In the diet of each person this word has to go to the menu on one of the first places. Don’t get too impressed by the film «Always say Yes» finally, in the film, said that we should not indiscriminately to mince words. To think, not agree with everyone.

How many times happened that you agreed to fulfill a request for someone, and then tormented himself with thoughts of a series of «why I undertook it and why not immediately refused»? After all, just needed to say «no.» Learn to say no to people, that’s fine. Indeed, humans have such base quality as arrogance, and over time, some begin to parasitize on a decent trouble-free people.

The inability to refuse is the difficulties of a superficial plan, which is rooted deeply in the identity and, as usual, in the childhood of this person. Roughly speaking, to blame your low self-esteem. That is your parents. Here’s how it turns out. A healthy attitude and confidence are born from simple child understanding that «I am good», «the world is waiting for me», «I am worthy of love». With this setting, you grow up to be a sane person without special psychological problems.

We did

The problem with many leaders irrepressible pride generated by the complexes, and outright meanness. For there is nothing more filthy and despicable than to ascribe all the credit of the team work itself. Okay, if you wrote a book or alone transferred the kitten across the road and took the old girl out of a tree. But when your ideas was a whole group of people, you have no right to ascribe credit, you can’t say «I» only «we.» And it will be true, especially if you were only a catalyst for ideas.

Pay attention to all known, even a great SEO. Each of them in his public speeches, spoke about the achievements in the plural. We have, unfortunately, such respect is still rare, and any Oleg Tinkova say: «I thought I did, I don’t like fat people.» Don’t know who your idols, but if you want to make the command work as a mechanism that is not allocated itself, highlight those you worked with. The man himself is a beast, very susceptible to compliments, and such a beautiful gesture you respond with loyalty and diligence.

Wouldn’t be another chance

This is the most powerful thing we can say to ourselves, because we constantly look back and try to look into the future, forgetting that we are here and now. And our only way to live is with us in this time and in this place.

But somehow, in these moments of reality you’re interested in the least. In the end, we just wound up running around in circles trying to get away from problems. And in the end realize that all of our problems and fears have not gone away, because we keep coming back to them.

And only this phrase gives us a chance to be balanced and at peace where we are. This allows you to approach different situations from a position of safety, acceptance and without predestiny.

I don’t know

For many, this phrase somehow is a kind of symbol their own incapacity and weakness. Like, all, lost, give up. We think that ignorance of something is our passion. We try to rationalize, to judge, to explain what I face, even if we do not understand.

When you say «I don’t know», if you discover a totally unexpected way of solving the problem in front of you. In this magical and hateful society the phrase has the effect of a blow on the cheeks and a certain confession. When you admit it yourself in your own ignorance and lack of understanding, the firmament shall shake, and your small, insignificant issues will be left behind, and your mind is ready to perceive the information. And openness to new information, helps to learn, to grow, to make life better and fill it with at least some content.

If we agree to admit that you don’t know something, we begin to understand the inability to get answers to all the questions. We calm down and move on more calmly.

Bullshit, everything is fine

The eternal slogan of restless men, who thus prop yourself up in moments of despair. When all is lost, when you’re lying in the ring after the fifth knockdown in a row when in combat, knocked the sword and cut off a limb — in General, choose any epithet, the situation is clear. Someone will say that this blind faith in a hopeless, and it will be wrong. We wrote that sometimes you need to admit that you don’t know what to do. But only after all the spears broken, and the axes blunt. At another time we must encourage yourself this legendary, almost pirate phrase.

Look at yourself

Many people have such a strange hobby is to criticize others. With or without cause, of his friends and enemies — just to point out the type of smart idea. The funny thing is that most critics and advisers in my life periodically stumble on the same rake. So when you next time will lay the desire to teach someone a life, slap your cheek, tell yourself this sacred phrase and realize that you yourself could use some advice.

Do not hurry up, I need to think about it

For particularly hurried this phrase should become a sort of mantra, because, as you know, there’s nothing worse than made in haste, hasty to end solutions. When there is even a shred of doubt, it is better to take the time to think it over.

For example, a girl offers you live — say this phrase, because deep down you doubt. Your friend, the dealer asked you to keep an unreliable load of money — say this phrase and think about what you need more: money or problems.

This situation will help to gain time and undermine expectations in those situations where refuse is simply impossible. There are.

I deserve better than that

Herself sober assessment of their own abilities is the realization that you underestimate. If you constantly accept the blows of fate, then eventually life will begin to have you back. It is important to say «stop» and occasionally speak of their own kind. This allows to realize such unpleasant things like a very small salary, they understand that your friend starts the day with an epic mostoviki really not the way to do it. This phrase should stimulate you to find the best conditions, but don’t forget something to do.

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