Ph212 Durango Glossy Black: video recorder sunglasses with action camera camera from GoPro, Garmin, Sony and Kodak ruthlessly invaded this market segment, competing with each other in popularity and cost. Let them continue to be measured by pixels and talk about video glasses, action cameras that shoot video and take photos of excellent quality.

Ph212 Durango video glasses Glossy Black, designed by the American firm Pivothead delight their customers broad functionality of the action. Design points is a little different from the usual. There are some small parts such as the battery on the side, button to switch between photo mode and a tiny lens between the lenses. Consider the main benefits of video glasses action camera.

First, it is an accessory that can protect you from dazzling sunlight. Of course, at this time of year is a bit irrelevant, but less than six months you will thank yourself for foresight. Secondly, the gadget has an internal memory of 8 GB, USB port, Full HD camera, which shoots video, and photos are of excellent quality, built-in microphone and rechargeable battery 440 mAh. Camera features image stabilization and autofocus. Photo resolution – 3264 x 2448 pixels, video format Full HD at 30 frames per second.

These characteristics will appeal to fans of extreme sports, outdoor activities, Hiking, as well as motorists, because, thirdly, these points can be used as a DVR.

Average issue price – 11 990 rubles.

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