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Guys, good afternoon. To start this letter I would like, of course, with gratitude in your address. Corny gratitude for what you have, for your work and interesting and useful content: various tips, instructions, life experience – all this helps me in many things, and not me alone.

In one of the articles I learned that the team from Krasnodar. I am from Pyatigorsk, studying for 2 year, working in parallel, but are somewhat different.

In the summer I plan to move somewhere bigger, more promising and more alive, that Lee, the city.

Choose at the moment between Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. Everywhere there are friends and relatives, but I don’t want to consider: it is better from the start to rely only on themselves, pretending that they were going to conquer the unknown lands as a pioneer, in advance than to rely on free ears for the chatter and the spot on the floor near the family of bedbugs. I suppose you hold me – everyone lives his life and NO one owes NOTHING to ANYONE.

So, my question is: how badly Krasnodar is different from our usual Northern capitals, and what you personally in this city attracts? I mean the living conditions, usability of public transportation, local infrastructure, friendliness of the local girls, in the end, and, of course, the prospect of this city in a career plan: a lot of jobs, very different level of salaries, well, continue in this spirit.

The answer

Hey, dude! Thank you for the kind words and your letter! You refreshed my memory about those times, when I personally asked this question of choice of place of residence, and ran like shit in the hole, afraid to make a mistake and be wrong. Almost seven years I have lived in the city of Rostov-on-don, occasionally escaping to Krasnodar, to with friends to walk on haunts of Vice of the city. There is enough, but the selection is less, than in Rostov. Although the quality is not affected. Remember that while from city I was thrilled. I have noted that in Krasnodar the streets and the air is much cleaner and the city a more measured, sedate. I have rarely met people who fled from point a to point B at breakneck speed, not noticing anyone or anything around.

And in Rostov, in Krasnodar, a huge number of beautiful girls. Take a walk in the evening through the center and you would think that somewhere nearby overturned truck models. These girls, based on even just to take out the trash, catch all the best from. South Russian girl you will know at any point of the globe. Of course, they are all different, with different character and temperament, but almost each of them characterized by openness, ease, maybe even some spontaneity. And this I judge not by her friends from the bar.

That’s the way I’ve seen in Krasnodar, when he saw it only as a city where you can have fun weekend.

Further it so happened that the year I moved to Peter. In the list of expenses the first thing I brought warm clothes for a decent amount. The wind blowing from the channels, literally chilled to the bone, get under a sweater, humidity and frost have completed this cocktail is not the most pleasant of sensations. Lead low skies, unpredictable weather – before all this I was ready. I ignored him after he rented the apartment, unpacked and went for a walk along the Nevsky. This city won me over! I’m not going to describe to you how magnificent the architecture and atmosphere: you will feel it physically, if you get there. It is the most European city in our country. It really is the cultural capital of Russia, where the homeless politely ask to borrow a Cup of cappuccino and a volume of Brodsky.

I started looking for work. As a humanist, I was making comments on different jobs. This was not a problem, the choice was really big. At that time the average salary in the city amounted to about thirty thousand, well, if you’re without experience, seniority and urgently looking for a job, then 25-28 ensure yourself accurately. A little, but we had to start somewhere. Expensive travel, expensive food, expensive housing. Products… In the St. Petersburg store you will find delicious bread. And herring. Don’t know why. But I found nearby a private bakery, and one reason for the discontent was less.

Found an extra part time job, I wanted to fully devote himself to cultural activities. I like the crazy nerd, running through museums, exhibitions, excursions. Dude, in this city you never will be time to think what to do with myself tonight. Even if no money, you can just wander around and look at houses, canals and people. In June there begins (if you’re lucky) a bit to thaw. Can a winter hat to change in the summer to explore the great number of parks and reserves. North the beauty of nature is very different from the South. Personally, I’m more like shady forests and lakes than the mountains and the sea. The beauty of Karelia has rendered me speechless, and I’m not exaggerating. But here to whom as to that… the Proximity of Europe allows you to save money on flights abroad. And in Finland people go for the weekend to just purchase products. What to say about girls? Do not want to offend members of the fairer sex in the city on the Neva, but if I met a girl who attracted by its beauty, my attention, it definitely was not local.

Then again, life spun me, and I moved to Krasnodar already in permanent residence. Dude, when I arrived with Peter, it is better from the Mongol-Tatar yoke emptied all of the fruit and vegetable stalls in the area. Tomatoes eating pickles while drinking a liter of yogurt, eagerly looking through the eyes of the package with the purchased peaches. Kuban region provides its residents with excellent products of local producers (although rumor has it that all the best went to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and local fruits can be found only by farmers). For my taste, the Finnish milk, which hurts a bit the purse is considerably inferior in taste of the Kuban. The mild climate and hot sun are invariably uplifting. On the weekend I went to the coast, met him in the mountains. Here the prices are much lower than in St. Petersburg, but the wages are less. To be honest, there is very little pay. Work harder to find. Housing easier. Let’s just say it corresponds to the level.

The first time I had a long depressing view of the surrounding landscape: chaotic and ill-conceived buildings of the entire city, many in the private sector, drugged dogs, the lack of a unified architectural style and a lot of advertising banners and tasteless decorated signs. And what is most depressing — tube… At any hour of the day or night here hell fucking tube. Seriously. The nightlife here is in full swing every weekend, but, roughly speaking, cultivate there is no room.

And what about Moscow… I don’t like the capital. Definitely going to make loot, make a career and do everything to get a place under the sun. But all of my friends who live there, put it an end in itself. I sometimes think that this is not Russia, but a separate country, where man is a wolf. I could never not know, plus or more minus.

So let’s summarize…



Architecture, nature, the absence of problems with finding work, a variety of cultural and entertaining leisure activities, more chances to get on its feet, to grow in their chosen profession and to give their offspring the best education, the white nights, the friendly people. The cleanest city I’ve been to.


Climate is not slabachkov: the absence of the sun and rain. To find a job easily with good salary is difficult. Be prepared to work two jobs. High prices.



Low prices, mild climate and high quality products, affordable housing, the mountains and the sea. Taxis, buses, trains – transportation is no problem. Cleanest city in the South of Russia.


Summer – the unbearable heat, although I love the heat, but combined with the crazy dust turns a truly infernal mixture.

It’s not Peter.

In General, my opinion is subjective and based only on personal experience and perception. In a PostScript only answer that in a year or two again move to the Northern capital, and I hope forever.

Good luck to you, man! Be sure to tell us what decision you’ve made!

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