Perverted sex fantasies that are considered art

Joseph Brodsky did not hesitate to say in a television camera, a word of three letters, and don’t hesitate to look for every heresy and submit it on your stern, but fair trial. We have long wanted to write about my misunderstanding of modern art, but after these installations, we didn’t even have to Express their lack of understanding, here and so everything is clear. The main question that arises when watching this: who are all these cultural excrement? I hope that’s not for you.

1. Booty on my face

We don’t know the Japanese artist, Namie Arakawa, but I can say about it for sure two things: he is a big admirer buttocks, and he cannot lie. Here simply can not. Now try to explain why.

Most people is trying not to show barbed the public opinion in their insane fetishes: neither you nor the guy with the ponytail behind the counter of a sex shop in a t-shirt «Brazzers», or even a famous singer Albina Sexova. This can only be sincere on his head «magical» freaks and those who are without the outrageous white light is not nice. Namio, rather from the first category. It is not shocking, he just loves the ladies that could be worn by men as a loincloth. Well, apparently, Namio not against female domination. In any case, his triumphant exhibition at the Paris Museum of Erotica entirely consisted of pictures of women with huge, like Stas Baretsky, the priests. And these same priests they naezdnica exclusively on men’s faces. Someone’s tired poetic soul, as we do with Paul McCartney, will find in these images and the allegory of blind men podcasti of the female form. In the soul not look, look only at shapes, and the ladies use it and then manipulated. But this is only a hypothesis. Arakawa only portrayed their passion.

This series of paintings is called «Ecstasy under her». How many of the paintings is unknown, but in the virtual Museum of Art was exhibited 916 Femdom drawings! 916! Aivazovsky so many did not draw the sea! However, Ivan Konstantinovich wrote is striking in its realism epic masterpieces, and not the fifth point. But I must say that the pictures Arakawa beautifully written and very appetizing. A million anxious fragile minds already expressed their respect. You can consider this art, can not be considered, but Arakawa is a recognized master… as if to say that we are not closed… popego submission. Let’s be glad for the guy — how much fun he is writing.

2. How to cheat on your wife so she doesn’t get jealous


Commercialization of art is a complicated matter, to which in their own way at different times were treated completely different «creators». But none approached more than Chinese artist Cheng Li. Trying metaphorically to relate the artist’s profession with prostitution, in the exhibition hall for Contemporary art in Beijing, Cheng had a great genitals the exhibition «Li’s 2011 Art Whore», which translates as «the Hooker’s art 2011». In this exhibition, again as if mildly, tied their reproductive organs with the female. In real time, in front of people.

It may seem that they therefore build the house, laid flooring or perform gymnastic exercises. And they are naked because it is hot. In fact it is alive, remodelormove copulation. Okay, not to turn this «cultural act» in the base pornography (although still turned), he admitted the elect. I don’t think a simple Chinese family who decided at leisure to enjoy art, would have loved to.

Of course, the Chinese government was delighted with the exhibition of a friend. Strict but fair, a Chinese court sentenced him to one year in a labor camp, to the friend no longer shaken by the fraternal Chinese people for their actions. It is difficult enough to argue with the prosecution in the excitement.

And most interesting is that 57-year-old Cheng is happily married, and at first his partner was to become his wife. But Chang is not a fool, and managed to persuade anyone that the exhibition is better to use a younger model. However, the wife understood and later often said, «He never did anything that crossed the line». Really, what is there…

3. Picture is not oil


Where inspiration comes from? From the heart? Out of my head? Impossible to answer, because the very concept of «art» to different people means different things. For example, in the case of Jordan McKenzie’s inspiration together with creativity comes… genitals and all his paintings — just shouting his manual attempts. Simply put, he’s masturbating on the canvas. A person earns what he does best, all right. Think about it, when tired of your job.

In 2008 the exhibition in the Centre of modern painting in London, he showed the world 56 paintings… 56 mute witnesses of his fleeting joy. The creation process is hard, there is great mental and physical work, and then Jordan, I beg pardon, «grunts» on a cloth, sprinkle graphite — and voila! Yes, it is graphite, with its seminal fluid because he’s so black. With the author all is normal.

We really admire Mr. Mackenzie! Well done, well!? And very nice, and the money paid. While doing this furtively and with foam at a mouth to prove that such never was engaged, he openly shows the world his insides. A couple of minutes — and the masterpiece is ready. How he came to such a life? Meets Jordan Mackenzie: «the Methodologist in high school told me to find a way to make money from what I love, and I just assumed it was just what he had in mind.»

The only thing that I remember the story from a Brazilian guy for the night masturbated exactly 35 times, and then died of a heart attack. Let’s hope that Jordan will not be so popular, that the day had to create a few dozen masterpieces.

4. Oh

As wonderful musician Les Claypool: «In my youth I hoped to live on what I did best. But since in the world there is no demand for Masturbation, I had to return to my abilities bass player». And with Vito Acconci speaking name disagree. And is not suitable SEAPAVAA the phrase «I am an artist, I see.» He’s just… (the word «idiot» you can not use, then…) he’s just adorable and brave because only the brave and in love with the profession of artist willing to spend a few days doing Masturbation in a new York gallery and call it art.

In 1971 Vito Acconci created an installation called «Ridge». The gist of it was simple, like himself Masturbation: Vito hid under a wooden ramp in Manhattan’s Sonnabend gallery and masturbated, loudly voicing a loudspeaker for the bad English, confusing the Past Simple and Past Perfect, his fantasies about the visitors walking above him on the ramp. For Acconci, the ramp was a physical barrier that made it more relaxed. This is not a crazy Asian, modest and well-mannered Italian-American origin.

On the one hand, the project does raise interesting questions about the power of imagination when it comes to sexual arousal. On the other hand, Masturbation Acconci really shouted in a loudspeaker nonsense like: «You tarante his cock in my ass!» What does it mean?

In any case, as he sang highly adept in this art, the grandson of legendary Boka, popular Joc, «Catch a thrill» — what Vito was doing.

5. On sesame street…


Some love to combine favorite fun childhood with adult sexuality. Some people are unconcerned about the fact that piggy and Stepashka — a soulless doll, inside of which is carefully hand cast. While some see this as the downfall of childhood dreams, the element of Fisting and other puppet fun. A huge fist inside stuffed animal… And such victims are everywhere: «the Muppets», «sesame Street». The most famous victim of the West can rightly be considered as Kermit the frog, who in the years of perestroika has entered the debate with our piggy.

But as the years went by marasmus was intense, and in 2009, the artist Jess Dobkin dressed partner similar to giving birth 15 times a farm girl from Alabama, a suit of Kermit. Well, as for the costume… I Painted it with green paint. Completely naked lady. And then subtly, as a duelist, pulled a white glove stuck to the lady and sang «It’s not easy being green». The puppeteer was singing «doll» opened her mouth… visitors to the Toronto Theatre, «the Bad Times». Well, why do so literally!

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