Personal beer keg Pressurized Growler


A great thing for those who love beer as much as women. Beer keg Pressurized Growler is able not only to keep light cold beer for many hours, but also to protect the integrity of the flavor-even after a long transportation during the trip. Ah Yes, more! You also have the opportunity to bottle it under pressure. The dream of every admirer of beer has come true!


As for the container is a keg of epic proportions has wall stainless steel food, a tank of CO2 and the system supply of beer under pressure auto-locking handle faucet. Additional advantages of this steel container applies the high hardness and deformation resistance.


Growler easily washed with warm soapy water or a solution of salt coarse. After treatment kegu you can re-fill their favorite varieties of fresh beer and come in any sports bar or pub with your container. I do not like beer? No problem! You can pour back the tea, coffee, juice, Yes, even Kombucha! You can buy this invention in the spring of this year for a hundred bucks.

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