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Poradi.s.ua_24.06.2014_53epcCzcx1AbDThe gaming industry is no different from any other kind of creative human activity: here, too, has its geniuses, its acknowledged masters and their great stories. Missing and questionable products, and losers, and just inept people.

But someone touched this huge edifice ahead, which was often under the threat of total destruction? Someone believed that all these pixels and bits of code will take off and will grow to an acceptable level, which will bring money and satisfaction from the work done to its creators? These people have an impact not only on video games and their development from the running of the pixels in modern visually beautiful and interesting stories, they also had an impact on animation, contemporary art and cinema. You should know these dudes!

1. John Carmack


Great programmer, which, despite its coolness, still looks like an epic nerd. However, it is possible. Thanks to Carmack the computer industry (especially the gaming industry), has grown to a modern scale. Hard to believe, but in the early ‘ 90s, games on the computer was not serious competitors to consoles, but John and his companions founded the famous company, Id Software changed the rules of the game.


Carmack was and still is a programming genius, because his technical solutions at the time (and now) differed completely revolutionary approach. Many modern games, especially shooters are working on tried and tested models of long-Carmack.

Despite the fact that the shooters seem to modern man the apotheosis of stupidity and simplicity of execution, in the 90s, thanks to this dude and designer John Romero, they have become a real achievement of engineering. Let their games were not the first works in this genre, but they clearly showed the consoles, the PC to be a very serious competitor. The first Doom and Quake have long been recognized in the art (in many European and American museums of modern art given to installing) due to the excellent musical accompaniment, a designer and a software finds. John himself participated in the creation of virtual reality glasses, Occulus Rift and lit up the training programme to launch satellites.

But the fate of genius could go in a different direction, if in 14 years for stealing a computer from school, the psychologist would assign quite a different punishment instead of house arrest.

2. Richard Garriott


Often a hobby can become a matter of life. At least with this well-known advanced member gamers man everything was just so. Richard Garriott, who grew up in England, studied in Texas and a real passion for programming and role-playing games. He was a great master and a budding programmer, but because of her strong British accent, our hero got his nickname from his friends and players in D&D Lord British, however, highly arrogant Richard that was just at hand. The first games written on the Apple II, Garriott distributed to the friends (now a floppy with them a rarity and sold for a lot of money), but later he created a very simple game Akalabeth: World of Doom, which started to sell in the store where worked. Guy and his project quickly became interested in the right people, so Richard had to write a simple graphical component to his debut project. By the end of the University Garriott has worked in a large publishing house Sierra On-Line, but not for long, because entrepreneurial drive made him to create his highly successful office of Origin, not to depend on the opinions of the publisher.


If the first works Garriott was absurd and impenetrable, then the next after the departure from Sierra landmark RPG series Ultima differed a good storyline, well-developed world and the fact that each piece was the immortal ruler of the land – Lord British himself. Of modesty Richard will not die.

Publisher Garriott flourished, but later he sold it to the great Mogul EA existing assurance so far. Fans of online games should tell Lord British thanks for making the first successful MMORPG Ultima Online, which gave to understand publisher perspectives of this genre. Another thank you to the players in multiplayer games should tell Richard for participating in the creation of Lineage II.

Garriott himself the same rich guy like Carmack. Managed to even fly into space, however, it still remains a normal man without a star kinks, the Convention which any fan of the game can exchange a couple of words.

3. Peter Molyneux


This man is unusual approach to creating toys. Where do you expect to see military strategy, you see something quite different, where there should be RPG, there is something quite unusual, but this variety most often happy. Some players love unusual visual and gaming solution Peter, others may think them odd and don’t fit in the game Canon. However, most of these games canons do not exist – they pushed Molina.

A vivid imagination and an unusual perception of reality He had inherited from his father, the owner of a factory producing toys. The first game, Peter was a business simulator, it was so strange and complicated that the audience, which is accustomed to the arcades, could not accept the new experience. But Molina insisted. Such projects have proved that there are still people who are willing to pay for something out of the ordinary.


The game Populous, which suggested» the developer ordinary garden ants, was a tactical military simulator. Work became the game of the year, has been reprinted thousands of times and have acquired many awards. Of course, Peter was an important man in the world of game development, proving that the audience is ready to play a mixture of genres and experimental products. But if you think that Molina was given only one brilliant project, you are very mistaken.

Peter almost every game does not fit into the traditional framework. There’s a simulator of life of a typical dark Lord of a fantasy Dungeon Keeper with the need to expel a noble knight from his dungeon, to make their servants comfortable well-fed life casino, torture, and other infrastructure and pay attention to deep inner world of demons and other representatives of the evil forces. Here, the original God game (of course, Peter got from believers), Black&White. Here is the same and an adventure game Fable with the ability to play absolutely any character: evil, maniac, good, very good or neutral. Peter still works and pleases its fans with something radically new — all new items not listed.

4. Tim Schafer

Fans of the old and wonderful quests, this name must be very well known. Tim Schafer is a true master in the case, when you need to come up with an interesting concept really original story. Noticed our hero after participating in the development of the quest The Secret of Monkey Island, which marked the beginning of a wonderful humorous series of adventure games about pirates and a treasure hunt. Continued the tradition of funny banter games Peter has created a «Day of the Tentacle», which allowed the management of the company LucasArts, where he worked Tim, look at the guy, for someone to come and make an unusual fun and visually beautiful game that can easily compete with any movie.


The first independent project Schafer – Full Throttle, which can be long to grovel. Followed by a true diamond of the gaming industry – Grand theft auto III, also appeared in our list of the best music.

At the moment when the industry is again experiencing a wave of interest in the unusual adventure games, Tim is working on quests for mobile platforms and is actively raising money on Kickstarter for their projects.

5. Eric Chahi

Programmer and artist from France wrote his name in the walk of fame «igrostroiteley». We say it without much enthusiasm. When Eric saw a beautifully painted toy dragon’s Lair, he came up with the idea to create something similar where there would be text, and the whole plot was transferred by means of video and visual effects.

Two years of work from scratch alone (Eric chahi has created in his creation all on their own, in addition to music) has given to the world without exaggeration, the cult toy — Another World.


It’s amazing how in the development of technical means at that time, Eric was able to create realistic animation, very interesting visuals, a sort of interactive cutscenes, nice design environment and a wonderful fun adventure with no text and a single word from the main characters. Of course, there were drawbacks, Erik had considered slightly updated version in parallel for assistants Portonova the game on the DOS platform.

For a long time Eric chahi did not let nothing more of the master’s projects are not as successful as the first, because everyone was waiting to see what he’ll say something brilliant. Chailly gave up everything, became a photographer and went to take volcanoes. He also created a very beautiful simulator of God From Dust, but more to the development did not come back. However, rumor has it that Eric is ready to return to the industry with a new original project.

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