Perfect war

manygoodtips.com_10.11.2014_76ZMbt6smPOenIf the picture on the left seems to you more beautiful than the picture on the right, we have bad news for you – you’re a perfectionist. It would seem that wrong to strive for the ideal? All people want to get better, and it is quite normal. Unlike the perfectionist from an ordinary person that he wants to perfect it was everything.

It is possible to consider perfectionism to be one of the best personal qualities, because he gives you the incomparable advantage of having always perfectly polished shoes and ironed trousers, absolutely full of knowledge in the area in which you work, absolute order in the mind, your computer, daily routine and so on. But, signing a contract with the devil, no one knows the price you have to pay. And she appears to be unreasonably high. Refusing to loud parties with friends to the benefit of the extra two hours in-depth study of anthropogenesis to gain knowledge that will not be able to appreciate neither your teacher nor the employer, you lose more than gain. Put yourself in a semiconscious state in training, trying to achieve the ideal body paint every hour of your time, sorted all the music by genre, title and year of release. In the end, this absurdity reaches its climax and you refuse a relationship with a beautiful girl only because of the fact that she says «fuck» instead of «go», or chucking half on a new phone just because the original is barely noticeable crack, you eyesore every time you want to call. Then you realize it’s time to change the phone and his attitude. Here’s a few steps that will help you to overcome perfectionism.

1. Philosophy is the understanding of perfectionism

The ideal is unattainable, and trying to achieve it, you again will be disappointed, at still greater distance. Seeing imperfections in everything, and not being able to change something, you’re doomed to eternal torments and the labours of Sisyphus. Desperately fighting for an ideal, you’re trying to do something that is not managed neither evolution nor God. Where are you, man! When you understand it, it’s too late: perfectionism is so ingrained in you that has become a part of your life, get rid of that is almost impossible. But this is only at first glance. In fact, no one has ever achieved the ideal. And refusing to spend their lives in these futile attempts, you have absolutely nothing to lose. On the contrary, you will gain a lot but will start to have fun, stop trying to control all areas of your life will start to sleep at nights without thinking about the fact that not everything turns out the way you want and not hate yourself and others for the slightest mistakes and errors, which are peculiar to any person. In order to understand Zen, it is not necessary to break itself and try to deal with it. You only need to look at it differently and be at least once in the enemy camp.

2. Look at yourself from the side

To start a war with ideality, it was possible to watch films about people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and fanatical pedants. It helps to understand how sometimes you look from the side, giving too high value to unimportant things.

3. Start small

Stepping on the warpath, we can’t stop and retreat. The most difficult thing – to take the first step on this path. And to this step was given easier, take small measured steps. Start small: step on the cracks in the pavement, tear the toilet paper is not on break lines, put the alarm for 7:00, and 6:58, put a crumpled t-shirt, scatter some shortcuts from the desktop or push the lace on your boots in the wrong hole. In short, make your own little chaos and microenergia. Making something like this, you will be surprised that the earth does not come down from orbit, and people began to throw stones at you and run away as from a leper.

4. One day of sobriety

In the struggle with perfectionism you will help the motto of former alcoholics, once popular in America. «Today I will not drink,» is say to myself, Wake up, ex-alcoholics. In just one day. However, they repeat it every day. It helps them survive total abstinence from alcohol: not thinking about life without alcohol, they put themselves in daily limits, don’t drink one day is much easier than life. You to get rid of bad habits, really just one day. First, you will begin to break as a drug addict, but every time it gets easier not to bother and take everything in as it is. After just one day without the hassle and headaches of perfection, you don’t want to revisit it. It is mental madness that you didn’t notice until it cured.

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