Perfect transport for imperfect city, in the streets of the city you see people on strange things — cross straps with two wheels on each side, moving smoothly, fast and very attractive. The people on them seemed to hover on the ground. If you do not know, this transport is called gyrometer. Its peculiarity lies in the gyro sensors that make it easy to balance «the pilot». Are sure that very soon these creations of progress will become an everyday means of transportation available to the wider population. All the cards in the hands of the manufacturer, because today gyrometer respond to the urgent requests of the city people:

1) he’s not afraid of traffic jams;

2) it is mobile and easy to maintain;

3) he has a good controllability;

4) every year gyrometer become cheaper.

The flagship

When healthy company Segway, which has earned the title of pioneer in the world of gyrometers. The company was from the States, created something new and unique, but the commercial potential was not so simple. There were failures, Segway a couple of times were on the verge of bankruptcy. And they were pulled from the pit, because people believed in their idea convenient urban transport, which is powered by electricity. Of course, the potential is found immediately — the first was a Chinese Corporation, who prefer to anticipate market trends in order to make a profit. They used the latest technology and, of course, the development of the Segway company, which gave rise to a conflict of interest. The Americans filed a lawsuit against the company Ninebot, which created so similar gyrostabilizers scooters, patent infringement was obvious. So you know, Ninebot is not just a small gang, which enjoys the fruits of others ‘ labors. This company is part of a huge Corporation Xiaomi, which, according to many market analysts, just monstrous potential.

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_vz9Zhaj6pjDTAIn General, the conflict has taken place, the American company actually went to court (probably true), but consideration was drained as suddenly as it had begun. Chinese people smart and nimble. They just bought out the American company with all the patents that she had the perfect solution. This, in turn, has played a positive role on the company’s products Ninebot, which today uses and develops original American development. Why is it good for us? Mainly because Xiaomi is one of the corporations that is trying to reduce the final cost of the product without losing quality. Chinese manufacturers, who would not say, has always focused on the potential of billions, not a small stratum of people with high income.

In this respect, their gyrometer much to gain. This can be understood by analyzing the individual model. This is like a mini-Segway Xiaomi (Mi) Ninebot Mini.

By the way, Segway close they were not doing very wisely in leaving their conscience on the American market.

Xiaomi (Mi) Ninebot Mini

Ninebot Mini from Xiaomi showed himself to the world in April 2015. The first prototypes were much more cumbersome, but the end product was more than compact. The platform itself falls, can easily withstand light impacts and resists even if you suddenly wanted her with a good hit. Still think that gyrometer unstable? You simply they were not.

Manage gyrometers easily. You just get on it, lean slightly forward, and he begins his journey. Transport analyzes the movement of your feet and clearly follows their instructions. Of course, it is better to train before traveling to a public place to be used.

But to learn does not require much IQ.


In this model, in addition, there is the possibility of remote control using Bluetooth. Seemingly small change, but improves the efficiency significantly. We should also mention the intelligent BMS system, which is triggered as soon as some villain encroach on your Ninebot. In other words, BMS is an alarm, but it can also warn about the need to recharge batteries.But let’s analyze directly riding on this two-wheeled platform. It is quick, slow, can this model gyrometer to climb the mountain? Let’s start with the latter. Ninebot is not the Rover, but in the city it is not necessary. Enough possibilities to overcome the bias of 15 degrees, which is owned by this transport. In itself, the movement, as I said earlier, is using sensors that are installed on the platform. They instantly analyze your inclinations, transmit information to the system, and that already gives the command to move. To stand still you just need to straighten up, to go straight you need to move your body weight slightly forward. Turns and «reverse gear» works just as well. Except that the turns helps a joystick, which is right between your legs. It is easy to learn — for this you need to work a little feet.

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_0tSGuhFtak6POA range of significant Ninebot Mini — 22 kilometres without having to recharge. However, it is worth remembering that the distance depends on your weight and the surface on which you ride. If we are talking about asphalt and a normal weight, it will be enough for all 22 kilometers. In other cases, the transport loads may increase, and therefore will have to charge more often. But if you suddenly decided to drive across the grass and gravel, no one will stop you — Ninebot can handle it. It even in the rain will get you anywhere — waterproof coating allows it. However, we would not recommend to cut on the shower. You can ride at night? So, of course — the device automatically activates led lights which perfectly illuminate the path, five meters forward.


To control this gyrometer using the original and free apps, which is available as a for iOSand Android. It allows you to monitor battery level, set the maximum speed and view the current statistics (how many traveled, at what speed, etc), and even locking the device (so that no one can skate without your knowledge).Overall, if you need transport to move freely around the city and catching the surprised looks of passers-by, gyrometer Ninebot Mini is the right choice.

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