Perfect mate: that girl is looking for in us?

Every girl wants to find love. Or someone who would fit her if she’s in love believes. In any case girls of our society do not want to be alone. Perhaps, in all Europe the situation is different, but I’m not sure. One like tall, others don’t pay on the growth of particular attention. One girl pretty blondes, other brunettes. Someone wants a caring guy, and someone that passionate man, with whom life will be exactly in the movies with Celentano. All girls are looking for men something different, but in General they are guided by the same criteria. What? Let’s face it. You decided to find a girl for serious relationship or which have the potential to become serious, it doesn’t matter, but you have to be really prepared to find the right chick. What qualities a girl is looking for from us? Read on

She wants active

All because of the active man will come in the life of a girl and immediately start to do something. Is a confident man who knows exactly what he wants, or skillfully creates the impression. Look at some idiot who is beneath you on the head, but nimble, fast, brash, boorish and you wonder why girls pay attention to him. If only for a while, but I draw. Instead of having to be rude in the spirit of «Hey, Uasya!», you need to be determined. To do something stupid for a girl? Please. To come to her house, sit down, lay hands on it and say, «I love you, woman! Agree or disagree, I said my word! But better, of course, take it!» Feel free to take the fortress into submission, the ladies love it. Just try not to confuse the resolute refusal and desire to flirt. Be confident, talk to her, just walked into a tiger’s cage: tremble voice — you’re dead.

Girl wants this, so called

Girls still find it hard to make contact first, for this I must say thanks to their mothers who told that to call the first fu. It is for this reason girls sitting next to the phone putting it on silent mode and every five minutes remove the lock and look at the screen waiting to hear the message or call. Call highly desirable, the message girls are often considered normal, but phone calls is just some crazy token. Yeah, I’m sure the review will appear the girl who will argue that «she’s not, she’s waiting for the tram.» Lying-S. Not because these girls do not exist in nature, and therefore that the appearance in the comments automatically casts doubt on the essence of another author.

She wants one who makes plans

Today we’ll go to the movies tomorrow go to the theater. Evening watching a movie at home in front of the TV, parallel to eat food. On the weekends we go to the mother. Girl loves when we build ourselves stupid plans than those that I described above. This will show her that you know what you want. Of course, it happens not always, but to create an impression.

Girl wants you to be focused only on her

Girls love it when the universe revolves around them. They are not so jealous when you accidentally look at other girls how offended cease to be the center of your attention. Often we do not mind to keep a few «backup copies» around, there are girls who will replace chief friend, and if she shows her bad side. It is desirable that the girlfriend didn’t know about it, but there were cases when the girl learned of the existence of these ladies and love even more knowing the fact that she was the best.

The girl wants respect

Ever before the girl someone was lying, and she hated it. In all kinds of relationships are important crystal-clear intentions. Not to lie, not to hurt; to treat tenderly. However, if the girl really like, it all somehow comes naturally.

She wants a sequence

Not dumped on her all at once, a bucket of care that you have accumulated. The further develop the relationship, the more affection and attention is given to the friend. All this was soon to turn into a caring and reverent attitude. But, hell, never do what I tell you.

Some guys are starting to lighten up a bit when the relationship move on to another stage. For example, when you begin Dating, go to a serious relationship, living together and all that jazz. For some reason they think they can stop doing nice things, giving stuff to compliment and instead, in the evenings, doing their business. The girls, if not openly, then in the depths of the soul appears in exactly the same sense that the man got what he wanted, and now relaxed. Nobody likes that, dude! Then turn poor babtsy who talk with their friends in the kitchen on the theme «my yesterday, remembered my birthday, which was a month ago!» Often people do not forget about the birthday and consider that the lady is not necessary, because he has repeatedly hammered for the holidays, and the fight they have on this occasion there was only one time. You should not overfill the Cup of misery! Think about it once, and it seems that you succeeded and was gone.

A man without «baggage»

«Baggage» is for everyone. Gestalt is unfinished, it is unfinished relationships, old feelings, old fears and what we haven’t experienced. «Baggage» is exactly what you or she’s not experienced, not thrown out of my head and not taken for granted. Unfortunately, nobody likes, when suddenly from the corner comes the old love, which begins to actively call. This is cause for concern. Therefore, the «baggage» needs to survive. One way or another.

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