Perfect in every Irish drunk Dylan Moran

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2016_ITHdUsCYctHIqIt was a generous alternative to the mid-2000s. Then to have a great refreshing thread, with 2X2, you only receive high-speed Internet is flooded with different series like «mighty Bush», «the Simpsons», IT Crowd, which had to translate English. It was then a closely acquainted with the gods of humor, because «Monty Python» almost one after the show «TVC», «the Fifth channel», with a minimum of Nevzorov, who had to translate English. But among this motley, exquisite British humor, stood out one series called the «Bookstore black», with a straightforward setting, a kind of grim humor, which you just can not leave indifferent. Especially admired the main character — a dark, shaggy, rumpled cynic with unwashed hair, constant cigarette in his mouth and a glass of wine in hand.

This hero was not albert Einstein, and a drunken genius of sarcasm and irony named Dylan Moran, and largely watched the show for the sake of his game: the affectation, and severity of other characters. Reclusive drunk Irishman that hates every single buyer in its bookstore, could play only the same grim drunk-Irish. However, the choice of the Director and could not be, because the script he wrote himself and Dylan, Recalling my visits to bookstores where he, according to the confession goes so far.

When I was a teenager, he spent much time in secondhand shops. I go so far back. So, I noticed that the types that own them are very similar. Business they are not interested in principle, but it is necessary to live somehow, so they sell the only things — books. All of these guys have absolutely no communication skills. Customers they hate and often sit at the table and grinning like gargoyles. Besides, I have been thinking about the fact that anger can be very funny. Funny and tragic at the same time.This maranowski, humor, chaos, dirt everywhere, and strange, fed garbage, creatures live under the bed. It is exactly the same: smoke on the spot, drinking all that stronger than yogurt, and produces the same strong impression. Is that not a misanthrope, Moran is quite adequate, and social citizen. But Dylan, an aesthete and an intellectual, which is evident even through the way called «Sad Pete Doherty», one only his ironic and sad sight.

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2016_vzm1WG8G4mvJa«Bookstore black» is considered the pearl of this crap genre like the sitcom, and the only thing that failed the actors is to spoil all 18 series. What can we envy the British is their love of extraordinary characters. In no other country Bernard black would not have appeared before the audience in such a sarcastic idol of perfection. Moran reminisced about their unfortunate experience to make adaptation of the series in the land of bright presidents.

Went to America, met one of the Studio bosses. Nice guy, white-toothed smile, everything is fine. And here he is, lounging in a chair, tells me: «you Know, Dylan, I love Bernard. Just loved it. Cool dude. But you’ll have to change a few things. Just a couple of. First, no alcohol. Why did he drink too much? Cigarettes, too, to anything… and his book… we Have to do still more successfully. Come on, it will be a successful project?». I looked at him and did not understand why he called me?However, the Moran’s talent cannot be confined to only one diamond over the quality of the series, because the stars in the sky he started to miss with young nails.

In the West it is considered that the stand-up comedian is fun to listen to, but only if he had turned thirty any years. They say, that a person has no experience, which it would be possible to share with the audience. And Moran in 20 for the first time came on the scene, 25 went on my first tour of the UK. Jimmy Carr, who is a year younger, began to speak only in 2000, and Moran already had sitcoms and popularity. Even then people were laughing at insecure but witty 17-year-old boy and 27 years even more so. If his first speech he talked about the girl, but now he’s ready to talk about life, death and politics. In General, any standafer says that he knows.

In fact, the performances of Moran this is a classic observational Comedy. But how fancy it turns the usual situation, what a wild comparison comes up, makes it colleagues. One example, when standafer not Blendable and not afraid of strange sounds and cries, improvising on the subject. One example of when the artist is not afraid to laugh at himself, that, in General, are alien to our artists, unlike their Western colleagues. Moran recalls was fascinated by the poem of the poet of the drunk, stoned Jim Morrison, gouging myself another megaprovince, but with all this, it is in your Board, clumsy and simple, and it can fit only a real artist with a capital letter. His screams, kovalenia the stage, and even recalls Zadornov (how inappropriate) manner to smile after a joke, wonderfully combines with the rhythm and drive of the speech, which set the tone of his conversations with the public about urgent matters — this is conversation, not a benefit with a large letter «e» at the beginning of words.

It’s not English humor, which is denoted as a reference, this is Irish humor. Probably because Moran is so loved in Russia, because there is always something in common between severe drunk bastards from the «emerald Isle» and us. Live in Ireland or pugnacious drunks or philosophically minded fighting drunks, and how it is not for them to love and not to love Moran, which belongs to the second type? English humour, like the behavior of British artists, still courtoisie.

Between the British and Irish humour there is a huge difference. British humor is more ironic remarks about public figures and social archetypes. There’s a lot of cartoons. And Irish humor is such a fun madhouse. The story of one man that all their troubles blames the world around us. Blame anyone, but not himself. I think in some Irish humor similar to Russian. People do everything very loudly and stomp and shout. A lot of sounds from all sides. In the British tradition, all a bit delicate.

By the way, to Russia he has mutual feelings, and not once came to our country to visit. You have the impression that the domestic sandpapery took him prisoner. When reporters consistently asked questions about his personal attitude to the country, it looks more like an important guest, who is embarrassed to tell somebody they have a bunch of shit in the middle of the room. He praised Russian literature, which I read since childhood, talked about Putin as about the effective Manager, strongly praised the audience and the people, but admitted that he was scared to speak: «Because you need to grab a huge number of those. Russia. Moscow. The political climate you have in the world. Religion, Islam, Christianity, Ireland. How to be a man. Society dominated by men… And all this in a theatrical atmosphere, which very much affected. Plus your theater tradition where instead of laughing the audience applauded. And all this at the same time! This cannot be used, it is impossible to prescribe in advance all». Anyway, to live in a country where it is not customary to openly laugh at authority, and all around we hear the cries of unhealthy patriotism and calls for unification against a common enemy, it must be hard. This is not Britain, where the Prime Minister has intercourse with a pig.»

Dylan, everything else is also brilliant actor, without belittling. It is so tasty and cool lights in the scene that made people non-smokers to enjoy some tobacco and get hooked on it, with varying degrees of success among the many casts. Man infects its way, whether you’re 30 or 6, you still some time will go into the ugly jacket, to make a deliberately minor mine with a touch of aestheticism, and secretly drinking wine from a glass.

Behind him a lot of sitcoms, movies with minor roles, like «the Zombie by name of Sean», and it looked organically, even in those roles, which differed from the character «Dylan Moran in my life.» Such roles, he was particularly suited, as it was deprived of attention and rave reviews «a Film with me in the lead role.» The role of the writer-loser, which is five minutes after the start of the film is quite an amazing sentence: «my name is pierce. I’m a writer, porn Director and waiter» was created for him and only him. What is really there, watched the movie for the sake of Moran, in order to see him again fussy sad face and shaggy, like Pippin from Lord of the rings, the head (by the way, something they have in common with Billy Boyd there). Although he did not even Simon Pegg, it has not lost its value. Why is he doing this, he is a comedian and writer, no need to spend more time, because I can’t anymore stand-up.

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2016_pbWVjm9Fvnj7JMoran unchanged, but like a good wine that does not have time for foolishness like beer, which adds to the flavors of lemon. He found the perfect shape many years ago, plugged tube itself (even it is terrible to assume, how the place), and in such perfect condition is is still. Grim in appearance, but very kind and caring, according to those who had to deal with him. Shaggy, regardless of the length of the hair, with a tired sad face, sloppy in wrinkled clothes with the shirt untucked, and a constant glass of wine at concerts. He still doesn’t like to give interviews and to be photographed, and how the past lives in the neutral zone between their native Ireland and made him famous England — to Edinburgh in Scotland. If we didn’t know who he is, it probably would take for degraded and drunken doctorate. But if at least one ingredient of this potion is not enough, it would be not Dylan Moran, and banal comedian.

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