Perfect gifts for the adventurer

The summer flew by, and with it the season of holidays. But in this routine a barrel of tar, spoon of sweet and delicious honey! Now you have the opportunity to recreate the visual and three-dimensional model of your summer adventures, and if you snooze traveler, the scratch globe True World will be a great and original gift for all those who can’t sit still.

Plus, you slightly pull up your knowledge in the field of geography, and if you suddenly are asked to name the capital of Brazil, you will answer that it is Brasilia, not Rio de Janeiro.

Scratch globe will bring its owner a lot of positive impressions from the moment of harvesting. Any pictures will be able to assemble it in 10 minutes, following the simple instructions.

The continents on the globe is covered with special gold scratch-off layer which can be easily erased using a coin, thereby noting the places you have already visited.

The diameter of the globe 20 cm, which successfully placed all of the geographical objects of our mortal world.

Buy scratch globe World True can in the online store BadLab.


But, you’re already aching, you don’t have the excess space in the attic and on the desktop. And in General, you care more about a crack on the wall, which every month more and more spoils the appearance of your apartment.

Just for you, we are glad to introduce an interactive wall Scratch map of the world Truemap.

Under the scratch layer card Truemap, all continents have different colors, like those vivid impressions that remained of your travels. From trip to trip, discovering new, previously unseen world, reflecting it on TrueMap, you receive a unique map of the world that tells about your personal discoveries.

Size scratch map of the world Truemap – A1 (82h58sm), in this format the guys from BadLab managed in great detail to locate all of the continents and countries of our world.


«And there is the same, but a different color? The white color does not reflect the stark mood of my working-days…», you ask. And we answer you, «of Course!». This version of Truemap black card was released specifically for those who appreciate style and prefer the black color.

In its contents the washing of the map is a complete copy of the original Truemap, this means that black scratch world map Truemap has all the properties and features of the original version scratch card Truemap:


What is interactivity scratch maps True map?

For Truemap there are several icons — for example the sinking of the Titanic, the Bermuda triangle and other places of interest. With the help of a special program for your smartphone or tablet «Aurasma», you can «animate» the map to see the cartoons directly on it.

Buy wall washing cards can be in the online store BadLab.

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