Perfect fried chicken

Coming year of the Cock, and your stomach should prepare for it, so we found a great chicken recipe that will be cooked according to the canons of the cooking from the cult of Jamie Oliver. A chicken can be cooked even today, even tomorrow, at least for the holiday — make it simple, but the taste will not be too simple, because we added to the recipe a few items that will make your chicken special.


All the ingredients are very simple and affordable. Can find in any store.

— 1 large chicken;

— 2 medium onions;

— 2 carrots;

— 2 sticks of celery;

— 1 garlic;

— olive oil;

— sea salt;

— black pepper;

— 1 lemon;

— 1 bunch fresh herbs (e.g. thyme, rosemary, sage, Bay leaf).


In cooking there is nothing difficult. The hardest part is waiting hours, but in the end you get a gorgeous bird with a crispy crust and juicy meat. That is the chicken and want to apply for a festive table.

1. Pull the chicken out of the fridge and wait until it will not cease to be cold (30 minutes is enough).

2. Preheat oven to 240 degrees Celsius.

3. Wash and chop the vegetables. Head of garlic, break into cloves — while not necessary to clean.

4. Put all the vegetables, garlic and herbs in a large roasting tray. Their oil fields.

5. Drizzle chicken with a little oil and RUB it with salt and pepper. Also RUB the inside with butter, pepper and salt. Put the chicken on top of vegetables.

6. Put lemon on anything and rescale it. If there is a microwave, then put half of the lemon for 40 seconds to flare up in her.

7. Put the lemon and herbs inside the chicken.

8. Place the tray in the oven, then turn the heat from the bottom and put the temperature at 200 degrees Celsius. Bake 1 hour and 20 minutes.

9. If you want to fry potatoes with vegetables, it’s time to put them in the oven and bake them for 45 minutes (in case if you don’t want to do it separately).

10. Fields chicken oil. If the vegetables seem dry, add a little water to the pan to prevent scorching.

11. When the chicken is ready, put it on a cutting Board to rest for 15 minutes. Can wrap it in foil if you cook something else.

12. Dinner — chicken cut and enjoy the taste.

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