Perelman: the genius, freak, or crazy

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2015_M4jcFrHMtkWNEIf you read our section «Heroes», you know that we write not only about those who have the muscle and the actor’s charisma, like the Rock, but also about those who have made contributions to science. Such people do not always fall on the covers of glossy magazines, they are not often shown on television, but they are still worthy of admiration of many people. However, Perelman, our new hero, undoubtedly, there are fans, the majority of whom are geeks and mathematicians of all stripes.

Popularity fell on the scientist instantly. And most people are surprised is not the fact of the executed work that deserves the respect of society, and how he reacted mathematician proposed award.

But everything in order. Grigory Perelman proved the Poincare theory, however, the conjecture of Thurston. Without going into the terminology, this is a great achievement. Over the problem of the Poincare conjecture fought many bright minds of the twentieth century. This problem, incidentally, is included in the list of 7 Millennium problems, which formed the Institute of clay. For the solution of these problems lies with $ 1 million. Perelman is so far the only one able to solve one of them. The rest has not yet found his genius. In the list: P versus NP; the Hodge Conjecture; the Riemann Hypothesis; Theory of Yang-mills; the Existence and smoothness of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations; Hypothesis birch – Swinnerton-Dyer. So, if you consider yourself a mathematician-alfach, go for it.

But the Poincare conjecture Perelman was interested at the time of his work in the United States. Then he had not been so withdrawn and unsociable as it is now. In the 1990s, years even worked as a researcher in many universities in the USA. When the mathematician returned to Russia, he continued to work on the problem of Poincare, but singly. The following three papers, which were published in English in 2002 and 2003, made him a rock star of science. If you’re interested, Google The entropy formula for the Ricci flow and its geometric applications, Ricci flow with surgery on three-manifolds, Finite extinction time for the solutions to the Ricci flow on certain three-manifolds.

The whole world pervades emptiness, and it is subject to the formulas – it gives us limitless possibilities.

PerelmanAfter these publications was wide recognition by the scientific community. But Perelman had refused the prize of the European mathematical society in 1996, he was presented with an award as an outstanding young mathematician. After, in 2006, he refused the fields medal, and in 2010 and the award of the clay mathematics Institute, which included, as mentioned earlier, $ 1 million. Now add to this the fact that during his scientific triumph, he was essentially unemployed. He was offered a position at the Institute, but Perelman refused, which is not surprising, as the salary was limited to 17 thousands. For a man who had done so much for Russian science, it was like a spit in the soul.

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2015_GmHgoDwGkjSfXBut Perelman the money? In 2014, mathematician went to Sweden, then, however, again returned to Russia. In this Scandinavian country, he studied something to do with nanotechnology, and worked on special terms, with a free schedule at home. Scientists who spoke with Perelman, believed him, to put it mildly, strange. The famous mathematician was terrified of women ate only the same foods (milk, cheese, bread and yogurt), led a very ascetic way of life that has surprised even men of science, not prone to excesses. One of the American professors who spent hours talking to Grigory Perelman in private conversations, was surprised that a mathematician flatly refused to come for dinner when they learned that at the dinner the Professor’s wife.

To summarize, in this extraordinary personality was full of contradictions and abnormalities that would prevent each of us. Would this scientist is more productive if his financial situation did not depend on the mother’s pension? Yeah, maybe if he took the same money in 2010, then none of it, including we, would not write. Would be a mere scientist, which is something it opened. How many modern Russian scientists do you know? It’s the same people who don’t need the praise of the crowd, otherwise they all acted in Hollywood, and instead of a Canary with alcohol votes on the first channel would show a conversation with Perelman. However, the mathematician his refusal motivated in the following way:

I refused. You know, I had so many reasons in the one and in the other direction. So I’ve been decided. Briefly speaking, the main reason is disagreement with the organized mathematical community. I don’t like their decisions, I consider them unjust. I believe that the contribution to the solution of this problem of American mathematician Hamilton no less than mine.

PerelmanMaybe it’s really a rare case of generosity in this rotten world, who knows. But this man just entered the story, and money is just money. Much steeper that your name named the asteroid main belt, and not that in your life you’ve had for a few cases with green pieces of paper more than you needed to. Let some believe that Perelman is just crazy, and not some enlightened guru, who has known the world, but he may have benefited more than any other character of Russian mass culture.

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