People who will go straight to hell


The road to hell is not always paved with good intentions. Sometimes you want to send people to hell just because they are doing something excessively stupid. You look at them from the side, sometimes with irritation, sometimes with sadness and regret and understand that after death they will go straight to hell, even for a minute never stopping.

1. Dudes who spoilered

Don’t you understand that I want to watch or read, why do I have to know everything in advance? By the way, a ticket to hell goes to the people who ask have already seen the dude: «what’s going to happen?» Never answer on such questions: let suffer now. What is the point to watch if you already know everything?

2. Dudes who always want to be better

Tell you how we drove 25 km on the bike, and they immediately: «Is that here I am last weekend hitting a thousand!» Or you decide to modestly boast of, saying that at the weekend went to the forest with a tent, very much. Listen and silent? No! «I once spent a month wandering through the Brazilian jungle, drinking urine, eating maggots is right.» Do you have to be head and shoulders above any of the narrator? This is your personal thrill?

3. Dudes who bought a very complex food

One day when 10-year-old boy, I stood in a queue for a kebab, which at the time of stay only began the triumphant March across the expanses of our vast country (more cliches!). So, I did order some swell in my jeans on the hips, of which invitingly potencijali Thong — absolutely ugly then was the fashion. So, even the kebab maker (Shawarma-master? The name of this man?) she managed to provide a million instructions: «to Me, please, thin, deep-fried, less oil.» Yes, it will be for you managed, in the best houses of Paris!

4. Dudes who wear mesh shirts

Why would you even bought it? How you managed not to notice her exceptional ugliness? Shame on you in such a way to go beyond your own apartment? Even for bread? Excuses from the category «hot» is not listed: then it would be fair to go bare-chested, but you chose a half-measure, which is a hundred times worse. A man with a bare belly too tasteless, but at least he’s consistent and honest. And are you trying to kill two birds don’t look so gay, not the mugger. So, gays would never put such ugly bullshit.

5. A dude in public transport looking over your shoulder

And there you have it a book, a tablet, a phone. What is your business what I do? It’s my personal life, my text that I write to a specific person, and which, therefore, is intended only for the two pairs of eyes: my and the recipient. And why do you want to check out which book I read? Want to give me for it? Want to take a page out of the middle? Why?

6. The dude that mows under the fool

These I can not understand — what do they expect? Especially if our acquaintance has already lasted some time, which is enough to get to know him a little better. They say, «I don’t know» — when you’re pretty darn certain that they were all known. They say, «I didn’t think it was important,» when every normal person knows that it is important. Here are always surprised by the warriors, who supposedly first saw the world. Well, Yes. We definitely believe in. Continue in the same spirit.

7. Dude that is impossible to shake off

It is completely devoid of knowledge about what it means «time to go». This guy is not is not that time — it does not go at all ever, if he don’t hint. In away it maybe twice to eat and drink tea. It can stay with you overnight just like that, spontaneously, because you have spent all day, and now it was too late and not want to go by taxi: because you are so much fun.

8. The guy who can’t do anything himself

The best friend of the guy who does not like to be alone. However, this type will go to hell even faster because others creates more problems. The previous dude just constantly looming in the background, and litters the background information, and this hangs on you all their problems. He even Google itself can not! No! Under any circumstances it will not be Google, because you will not guess about this way of solving your problem. From the word «Sam» he turns to dust like a vampire from aspen stake. The best way to hurt him is to offer to do something on their own. Even in hell he is not going — need a guide. Because «hell is where?» «And I will come back soon?», «And I’m gonna fry?»

9. The guy who takes something past in front of you

He may not be guilty, but something tells me that it’s karma — breakdown of others. So you can define it as «buzzkill», and nobody likes them. You had to want something, set your mind, make me glad that you finally would happen, and it deprives you of this. Ruthlessly and absolutely. Wow.

10. Dude, who always exposes

He sees the common faults and failures, all the mistakes, the flaws, all the mistakes, all minor things, and presses on them as if they are natural distilled evil. He destroys any imperfections, he puts burning anyone who says «ringing» or forgets to wipe his feet. Dear, in hell everything will be perfect. The perfect company, the perfect boss, the perfect rare. You are welcome.

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