People who are not Friday of the Board

We are all waiting for the end of the week, dude, and everyone is happy Friday because this day is the start of the weekend. But on this day are happy not all. For example, these people are just not happy with:

1. Friends of the juggler

2. Those who had no idea about the secret portal in the floor of the store


3. The one whose girlfriend is so fat that it broke the trampoline


4. The man, whose hatred of advertising stand was mutual


5. Any of the people in the boat


6. The man, whose vengeful yo-yo

7. The dude that found his powers at the most inopportune moment


8. The one who promised to catch, but missed


9. The guy was waiting for a treadmill


10. One who is shamefully defeated in arm wrestling


11. The model, which had to start a career in a storm

12. The guy whose friend wears a baseball cap with flat visor


13. One who imagines himself a superhero

14. The guy who accidentally broke all


15. The one who decided to have virtual sex with someone unknown


16. Dude, who decided to resume training


17. People whose friends invented a gun that shoots toilet paper

18. A brave man who dared to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon

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