Pen to incite

Vogon pen0702934979

The title sounds like some nonsense in our opinion. On yours, most likely, too.

Before us is the knob for ignition. In the campaign it will be very useful, it is possible to write on any surface, even upside down, it won’t hurt if someone sits on your bag because it is made from real aircraft aluminum. In short, a real man’s gift. But the most gives the feature of this tactical pen (as we dubbed her) is that she can get spark. The principle of operation is a bit like the principle of operation of a noble Swedish device. To receive the spark you just Unscrew the cap on the other side of the handle and get the stick inside of several types of metals, alloyed with magnesium, a few times hit it with a plate of metal and get a bright spark. So it’s easy to kindle a fire (with relatively straight arms) or even to signal.

And she can write! By the way, you can buy it for $ 50 on the website

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