Pen scanner


Sometimes something urgent need to scan and save the document. Especially if you’re a spy or a student: for some reason both of these kinds of activities are always close. Strange, isn’t it?

Scanner on the phone is all but a regular scanner is large and requires a computer, so why not make something more convenient? In front of you, friend, just a pen-scanner that can capture images with a resolution of 2048×1536 and save them in JPEG format. The device has a camera with a resolution of 5 MP and can take pictures. But how to spy a device without a microphone? The microphone is also there, a small voice memos are saved in WAV format. The device memory should be sufficient for all: «on Board» 1 GB of internal memory type flash. To charge the device, simply Unscrew the cap at the other end of the handle, and pull the long cable a USB.

And she, believe it or not, can write! Very good stuff, man. The price is a little bite: $ 124,95. Interested? Look at

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