Printers that print in three dimensions, very popular in recent years and are just incredibly popular, enough reasons, but the most important one: it’s fucking printers, which print objects that can be touched, but hell, it’s just incredibly cool.

However, there is one thing: these printers are very expensive! But now the gadgets industry decided to take the path of simplification and cheapening of such unusual things, because 3D printing is almost an art!

The principle of operation is a bit like the principle of the pistols with liquid glue. The melted plastic goes through a special hole, where it is instantly cooled with a special cooler into something that resembles the plastic wire.

Themselves guys who created this project, claiming that work this pen is very simple, you only need to look at their website. Miracle the handle should go on sale this fall, the estimated price is quite divine: $ 75. Except these «miracles» with a 3D printer still resemble pieces of wire, but it looks nice, nothing bad to say.



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