Paulo Coelho now has a Vkontakte

Poradi.s.ua_28.05.2014_Mrwc598Tc9OA5Popular Brazilian writer got himself a profile of beloved by Russians of the social network. You can find it here. However, he has only one friend, and the head of the press service of the website. But subscribers already accumulated more than 6.5 thousand. And it’s for one week without any official announcement!

Records on the wall while sparse: update pic and three appeals to the readers. In the first one he thanked his Russian-speaking supporters and tells them the news: his books have been published in Russian a total of 15 million copies. «This was possible thanks to you,» writes Coelho. Also on the page, you can find a video of the writer with Russian subtitles and another welcome post. It is worth noting that it has already begun sparring subscribers on the topic of Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps now it can be found in the discussions under the recipe pies with cabbage, and in the comments to the photos of the cats.

Russian social network surely gets a worldwide recognition. Official accounts in «Vkontakte» there and in other Western stars: Kevin spacey, Tom cruise and, of course, is a total favorite of Sasha grey.

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