Patriotism to the detriment of the country

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2016_XQ56ywQBj2Z31You must have heard about the recent incident that stunningly describes the state of Affairs in the Russian football in the Russian society. On Tuesday Dmitry Tarasov, better known as a man of a brilliant writer and a talented business-woman Olga Buzova (Yes, the same! Do you understand the magnitude of the tragedy!?), after the match against Turkish «Fenerbahce» decided to get rid of t-shirts and show the world your torso, dressed in a white shirt with a portrait of Putin on which red and white was written «the Most polite President.» Recall that the match took place in Istanbul. Let me remind you that our relationship with Turkey is worse than disgusting. Remember, the game Medieval Total War II was the rating of relations with other States and the situation that preceded the war, was known as «disgusting.» So, we have with Turkey about the same. And Dima decided potrollit hot Turkish fans.

And it’s not even that any form of propaganda at sporting events is forbidden, and how it looked. Remind, Dmitry plays in the Moscow football club «Lokomotiv». Due to recent events, this game was a special color, she looked on not only as a match. Of course, such a pitch, as in the legendary summit Series against Canada, was not, but his nerve was. Fans of three rival Istanbul clubs gathered in the stands, and they didn’t support Fenerbahce and Turkey. But Turkish fans are renowned for their frostbite, as almost Balkan. Lokomotiv lost 2:0, foolishly lost, although little inferior to the Turkish club. Tarasov played as the whole team, roughly. Exactly only played the goalkeeper, who recently received a Russian passport, but that’s a topic for another conversation. In recent time, he seems more engaged in her favourite rap music than sports, but it is not for us to judge. What if creativity comes out.

And after all this, after the hideous destruction Tarasov takes his shirt off. It looks cowardly and stupid, like spitting in a person after a fight. Even boxers after the fight, shake hands, even though they fought, spit and called the mothers to each other at press conferences. And now this absurdity. «I don’t know how to play, disgraced the country, but I am a patriot!» But that’s the price of patriotism – the price tag on the shirt. Although Dima was very expensive – 300 thousand euros.

Someone says that Lokomotiv – only football club, which is full of foreigners. But it just so happened that he represents the honor of our country, proves that Russian sport is worth. And when talking about Russian sport, forget about Victoria Anov, Samuel about This and other guest artists. Besides, the club is a Russian coach, half the players were from Russia, and the leadership, too, sort of local. And the user had to properly motivate players. Apparently, here, too, did not finish.

What is it? In addition, if you are a patriot and a professional, you have to prove your patriotism thing, selfless work for the honor of the country. Who would you weren’t a footballer, a pilot, a translator. Mind you, during the Cold war, even during the same Series of Soviet athletes do not allow themselves to such provocations. Why won rivals who had to win. So Dima had to concentrate to do their work. It is important to prove their patriotism by deeds, not symbols and national anthem. Buy a t-shirt and sing his voice – that in itself is a snap.

By.kom.ua_20.02.2016_57a3Z9ryqduCcHe should pay attention to the fact that the football Federation for doing such manifestations of love.

In 2002, the Brazilians became world Champions, came to medals in vests on which was written something about the love of Jesus. But FIFA said: «Yes you fucking shitting me?» In order not to offend the participants and spectators of the world Cup, which nourish love for the competitors of the son of God for the congregation. Love God – love himself. Not all Christians liked it when Kadyrov shouted into the microphone at the stadium: «Allahu Akbar!» If even Jesus was banned, what to say about the leader, whom half the world hate and fear.

Remember the recent conflict between Serbs and Albanians. I should break the face of the man who thought that Albanians and Serbs can build on the football field. Thought the passions waned and they put up a fight. The players arranged after the fan was released on the drone with the emblem of a greater Albania. And plans for greater Albania is included to capture a little more territory from an unhappy Serbia. The player of national team of Serbia Stefan Mitrovic managed to reach the flag and to «shoot down» flying device. And when he started to fold and drop to the ground cloth, it immediately bumped the Albanian players who took it as a disrespect to their country. And then it started: the fight ran onto the field, fans, torn seats of the stadium, fireworks… it is significant that the case of Serbia the same biased, as our country, and has ruled out technical failure that the Serbian bratushka. Oh, would Dima smarter, maybe, a guilty conscience, and he would not risk the reputation of the club and country. It is a pity that the team did not stop the player because they saw him in the locker room. It is sensible not, Tarasova, I’m afraid we don’t know. Maybe he just wanted to get Timothy and Sasha’s Chest got him to sing «My best friend is Vladimir Putin?» He’s a rapper.

The meanness of the act in that he framed the country. Relations between the countries are strained to the limit, and he just adds hot coals. What you wanted to achieve? Apparently, PR, for the name of the hero of the occasion does not descend from the front pages. Someone will say that this is a personal thing, what t-shirt to walk him. But if that clothing provokes, leads the sport into the background, why to use it?

Of course, it’s not so bad. Tarasov – not Gavrilo Princip, and he will not start a World war. Although, as we remember the murder of the Archduke was just an excuse, a conflict has been brewing for a long time. Let’s hope that the Turkish players will not be playing in t-shirts with Erdogan.

Fortunately, the deputies noted in February, the patriotism, understood the gravity of the situation and hastened to embroil the player. Now UEFA will look into the situation. God forbid, that did not exclude the national team from the draw of the Euro or the European Cup. Although with this game…

And now an appeal to all «patriots» who hide behind the symbol: if you want to explicitly Express their position, go to war. Everyone needs to do their job and do it faithfully: football is to play football, the journalist – to write. Only then can the honor and prestige of the country will rise to the heights of space. And yet people like you will scream at the hotels: «Hitler kaput!» at the sight of German tourists and revealing to wear t-shirts with Russian symbols in countries where she is not very happy, we will not love. And fear, too, will not despise. As it turns out, as in the match against Moldova, when our fans beat for unflattering remarks in the address of this sweet and miserable state. And then we swear that we have never loved. turn, Turkish fans are not present – threw stones at the car with the fans they supposedly have to answer. I do not propose to occupy the position of a tolerated, but if we want to appear self-sufficient society, a highly intelligent and civilized, should not behave like animals. Turks tend to overt aggression, they have such a mentality. To admit, our fans (our — meaning Russian), players «Loko» and all the staff are very lucky that a Horde of angry fans Ottoman in response to the t-shirt «the most polite President,» was not to show their incivility. Tarasov risked my fans, my partners, and he cannot be forgiven.

By the way, thank you fans for good behavior. Bravo! By the way, do not lose hope that the fans of the Moscow clubs too join before the Moscow match. It’s beautiful.

And Tarasova to take nothing. In an interview after the game, he chewing gum, he explained that in Maya there is nothing. Only, for some reason, said it was «Our great President». Oh, Dima, Dima, don’t say nothing, who lead…

Again, your patriotism the price is zero, the price of the jerseys. Want to show the greatness of the country – behave appropriately. No need to shake bells to the public while the whole world breathlessly watches as the country guzzles crisis. Better go do a good deed, start to do their work. Policy, especially foreign, must deal with the politicians themselves. Sport, personal life and your world must be outside it. Go help the children’s home, his neighbor. Patriotism is the love for the Motherland, and the Motherland is not a flag and do not vest in the President, it is the people who surround you.

Former football player «Loko» Vladimir Chugainov beautifully said, «we Have here in the neighborhood all wear t-shirts, and this country is falling apart. And all because nobody does anything and doesn’t work anywhere».

Of course, with the famous person demand more. Nevertheless, each of us in a fierce hour is the honor of the country. And the most important thing in this period is not to provoke. Sing the national anthem, love your home, but not at the risk of her reputation.

In this story related to Vladimir, Vladimirovci at all to do with. Putin’s supporters do not need to denounce critics of a dislike for the President. On the contrary they should be ashamed that their leader so shamelessly speculate.

PS as for the «Most polite of the President», its the polite Secretary said: «You know, I wouldn’t comment on football matters.» And rightly so, what else to say. But Mr Kadyrov praised for such a performance, and even stated that he is not against to buy a player with a fine to your club. Because they are so close in spirit.

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