Pathetic people: people who are dissatisfied with everything

manygoodtips.com_26.03.2014_bn3x914nB1f7bI hate the phrase «to Me you are sorry!» Mostly lies behind this phrase: «You’re a disgusting pathetic creep! Am I right and d’artagnan, you are wasting your life in vain, and you no decent person in an open field shit will not sit down!» Pity is a negative feeling. Awkward, painful in which nothing good. Pity really, no one is, it automatically lowers the victim to the level of the floor, and regrets ascends to the stars. You can sympathize, you can angry, you can be surprised, but to pity someone, like the women, dismissed from the discussion with the invariable «I’m sorry for you» not worth it.

A miserable person is often unhappy. If there is no happiness, unhappiness exists. Pathetic people long hard and miserable, but not only pleased with this, as it were floating in her musty swamp. One gets the feeling that they hate their lives even more than the lives of the people around. Pathetic people do exist, but I would like to believe that they are not so much as it seems. In any case, something still makes them insignificant?

1. They love finding the bad side

Hell, they are everywhere looking for flaws. Wife told me recently that she has a friend who actually can not find in other people weaknesses. This waist is very wide, the butt is saggy, a third chin growing. Even people who are quite a personal look, she will find some extremely perverted lack of sight imperfection of the face or similar crap. If they don’t see the flaws in other people, they always see him in the situation. «It only gets worse!» «Come on this topic!» and such statements are extremely common these comrades. HE looks at the world only in shades of gray. Of course, there are bad people there are good, but it is impossible to think that the whole world is black and white without even the most insignificant shade of gray.

They see the bad in any situation, they are constantly whining that they want to wear a bag on your head and suffocate like in the game Manhunt.

2. They hate their friends and those who treat them well

It is unknown what causes the love and respect of people to you, as well as hatred. If you seriously think that people treat you as you are to them, you’re wrong. Often some friends sympathize with us literally for free. No respect — bad. Miserable people hate their friends. Often they choose poor people in friends, people with disabilities, and more or less normal people with a goal to throw at them on the brain. Often pathetic girls choose their dumb girlfriends to get a better look. So, to my great shame, receives some boys. There are those who strongly bugging some of his comrades, poisoning their lives. They don’t even make friends with people, and together fell in love with each other.

3. They are constantly away from reality, spend a lot of time on questionable entertainment

I remember an article about «all bad»? These guys or who are on the slippery slope, or already on it. All the people are moving away from reality is vital. But these guys choose extremely destructive and worthless methods. To play computer games and watch TV shows — fine. Play whole days and nights in the MMORPG and watch some endless anime a waste of time. It’s one thing when you did something like that a few times, if you’re doing this for a year, all bad. Drink, be into drugs and to eat — is also doubtful.

There are nicer ways of escape from reality, the book is one of them.

4. They hate to get up in the morning really…

Everyone says I hate to get up in the morning and where to go. This is often the complaint that stand it’s just hard. This man to get physically difficult, it’s the equivalent of pain when urinating. It can many times to postpone the moment when you need to tear off the head from the pillows and very often late. The inconvenience of having to get up he can not be compared with ordinary human desire to sleep. He hates life, hates his job and hates the world around, which, nothing wrong with him, did not.

5. They roll the lip, arguing with those who are close to them, for any reason

And certainly go on very, slamming the door. Often relationships these people appeared just some random person. They met, she expressed interest, and he had no particular sympathy began to meet her because «second chance he’s not.» Because of strong sympathy from them, and there can be no poor man can part with it on any appropriate occasion, then enough to suffer and get your dose of pity. It something said, something not so did, too loud music? Miserable people are not able to forgive, though, because he just doesn’t want to. But it is not only from the fact that miserable people want pity. They often react inappropriately, because I can’t forgive any inconvenience for anyone.

6. They are in plain text indicate deficiencies

Miserable people love to build others up to their level, as a rule, pointing to all the flaws that they find. They show that every person unattractive and more pathetic than they are. They consider themselves not quite so miserable, so finding their other shortcomings do not like. If you ask them why they do it, they are genuinely surprised and will insist that this is normal and that they want to help.

But they know what they are doing. They want to see your reaction, to see how your mood will worsen. But they all will be well.

Miserable people want to believe and make the world a really ugly, as they see themselves, so they carefully remember and point out the shortcomings of others. Then they wait for that someone agreed with him, confirming their belief that it really is as ugly and horrible as they think.

7. They do not love themselves, but still believe they are better than others

Strange confidence, right? Miserable unhappy people in the first place, because they don’t like themselves very much. It’s a decent pressure on their fragile minds, regardless of whether these are shortcomings or not.

The flaws that they see may indeed exist, but they believe that the presence of other disadvantages, enough to be better than others and continue not to change anything. They do not love themselves, but their ego forces them to keep yourself on the top of the food chain.

What they have as a result? The belief that they are pieces of shit, but they are the best pieces of shit on the planet. Some people seriously think that these people are honest with themselves and the people, confessing their faults, but actually they are categorically dishonest.

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